Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More on Week 24

As I mentioned yesterday, this is Week 24 of my training plan. And.... since it is a 24 week plan, that means one thing. In a couple of days this journey is over. Here's this week's plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles recovery pace
Wednesday: 7 miles total, 5 at recovery pace, 2 at race pace
Thursday: Rest
Friday:5 miles recovery pace
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: The streets of Long Beach for a long jog
Total for the week: 44.2 mile

Preparations are still continuing in earnest. I built all my fuel packets this past weekend. The weather forecast is saying warm weather on Sunday (sunny and 77 degrees), so I'm including two Endurolytes on each gel pack. I decided to do my fellow runners a favor and washed my fuel belt last night (peeee yew!). Which leaves the last and most difficult task - figuring out an iPod playlist. I've spent my running time the past couple of weeks waffling between this group and that group, this song and that song. I think I have a list of bands that I'll include:

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (yes B.o.B - I have at least an hour and a half selected)
Daft Punk
Cyndi Lauper
Butthole Surfers (of course)
Pink Floyd
Fatboy Slim
Chemical Brothers
ZZ Top

The goal of my music this time is not to speed me up, but to keep me slow. I'm still kicking around a few extra songs. Decisions decisions decisions. I'm glad a training plan isn't as difficult!


  1. Looks good to me Glenn! You are ready. Make sure you and Chic Runner get a photo together.

  2. 24 weeks already!! OMG! That went by fast! You are so ready for this!

  3. Lemontree by Trini Lopez. Seriously.

  4. I imagine no one will suspect you're listening to Parliament out there on the course. Or Butthole Surfers, either.

  5. Load up with lots of "cool" music; that seems like a warm one.

  6. Sounds like you're ready, your plan this week looks like it will give your legs some rest...Cyndi Lauper? Are you an 80's guy?? Rock on, can't wait to hear how it goes!

  7. Love your music. I wish I had to have music to keep slow...

  8. wow about washing the fuel belt... you stick gels in there and eat them? gross :-p

    home stretch!!! bring it on long beach!

  9. The playlist is always my favorite (and most stressful) thing to plan pre-race. :)