Monday, October 5, 2009

Closed Trail? WTF?

I wrapped up last week just a tad short of my planned mileage. On Sunday's schedule was a 12 miler - the last long run before this weekend's festivities. It was a busy day, so I wasn't able to get out for my run until 6 PM - which pretty much meant running in the dark. I broke out all the night running gear - fluorescent yellow shirt, headlamp, reflective vest, red flashers (man I'm a dork!) and took off for what I was figuring would be a run around the Newport Back Bay. Little did I know the surprise that awaited me!

Well - I guess you learn something new every day. I had enjoyed a great sunset and was waiting for the full moon to appear from behind the bluffs I was running along. I was keeping within myself, running a little harder than a typical long run, but still clipping along at a heart rate right at 75% of max. I turned onto the trail that runs behind the Newport Dunes Resort (anyone who has run this trail knows where I'm talking about) and ran right into a .... LOCKED GATE! WTF? Well, the portion of the trail that runs behind Newport Dunes must run on an easement on private land. There was a big sign on the gate stating that the trail was open between dawn and dusk. Okay. But a locked gate? And it wasn't one of those little road gates that you can just walk around - it was a full 8 foot chain link fence gate! I had no choice but to turn around and retrace my steps. At least I got to run back under a wonderful, bright, full moon!

Final stats - 11 miles with the first 8 at marathon pace minus 30 seconds. Success in my book. I ended the week one mile short of plan at 31 miles.

Week 24 of my training plan begins today. This week - nothing further than 7 miles. Nothing faster than molasses. Nothing else needs to be said....


  1. Sounds like you're nice and ready. Locked gates are a pain. Love your fully dorked-out night running ensemble.

  2. I should go running with you some time after work. I work pretty close to UCI.

  3. Earlier this summer, they were resurfacing a section of the bike trails I run on. Of course, they put up no signs to warn anyone, so you ended up going all the way to a certain point before you had to turn around. Grrrr!

    Best wishes in your final week. Rest up, take care, and enjoy!

  4. How frustrating to find the gate locked! At least you had the moonlight!
    You must be getting excited!

  5. Oh my. Good thing you were tapering for a marathon or those extra miles home might have been painful.

  6. My friends laugh at my full "dork" gear too...but I dig the head lamps.

  7. glad you still got the run done, and on target too!

    only a couple days to go!!