Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday Track Workout

Now that marathon training is over, I joined my pals with Cal Coast last night and did Tuesday's track workout. Or tried to. My plan called for an easy 4X400 session. Coach had a 1200 followed by 2 X 800. I figured I'd look like a real dunce peeling off after 400, so I went with the flow. The good news is I got that 1200 in. The bad news is I had no legs left for the 2 X 800. So I did a bastardized interval session:

Interval 1: 1200 at 7:30 pace
Interval 2: 400 at 7:30 pace
Interval 3: 400 at 7:45 pace

I was actually pretty pleased with the first interval. I didn't feel like I was really sucking wind right up to the last 100 yards or so. I ended up hitting 98% of MHR (183 bpm) at the finish line. Overall I put in 5 miles at an average heart rate of 79% of max. Average pace was 9:27 per mile. Not too shabby. I'm paying for it this morning though with sore legs and hips. I need to admit that last night was a great ego boost after spending so much time going long and slow the past weeks.

On schedule today is a 3 miler. Nice and easy. I'll keep reminding myself. Nice and easy.


  1. First.

    Nice and easy sounds like a good plan to me. I can't believe you are back at the track already. I am impressed Glenn!

  2. I was born in Newport Beach. I now live much further north than that. I recently visited So Cal....and.....I just have to say that I am envious of your weather down there. The smells...the beach air...the gorgeous landscape. That sure would beat the treadmill at my gym! So, I will pretend that I see what you see on your runs the next time I hit the gym. :)

    BTW, you are doing great. Each time you push the envelope like expand your VO2 max. Good on ya, mate! :)

  3. Boosting the ego is a great thing. Bask in it. ;)

  4. i think you're the only person who would pick up track workouts within 3 months of completing a marathon! i definitely shy away from anything remotely speedy and milk the "recovering" excuse.

    nice job on the repeats!

  5. Nice speedwork sir. Those are def some great paces. And I actually looooove the day after speed work sore. It's a good sore that tells you that you kicked some butt and are now just a wee bit faster. That's what I tell myself anyway. :)