Saturday, October 24, 2009

Took an Extra Day Off

Thursday was supposed to be an easy day on the track. But, I'm approaching this recovery cycle as mental as well as physical recovery. So, when my legs and hips told Mr. Brain they were still sore and tired from Tuesday, Mr. Brain decided this would be a good day to take off. So we did.

But don't worry - I'm not turning into a lazy slug. I spent most of Friday on my feet in a wonderful little town on the Central Coast - San Luis Obispo. My youngest son had a day off school, so, along with my daughter, we moseyed on up the coast to visit one of the premier schools in California - California State Polytechnic University - better known as Cal Poly SLO. Cal Poly is a unique school - there are no undeclared majors, you start classes in your major on day one, and every class has a "lab" associated with it. As a result, graduates are in high demand. Last year for example, over *all* majors, the average starting salary for a new graduate was $52,500. We ended up having a *great* tour of campus.

Afterwards, since the weather was so perfect* (how does 91 degrees in late October grab you?), we headed into Downtown San Luis Obispo for lunch and some sightseeing. Now, San Luis Obispo (called SLO Town by many) is your quintessential college town. Total population is around 45,000, of which half is the student population of Cal Poly. The town is really geared toward the school, and vice versa. It's is just so cool to be in that type of environment. Especially so close to L.A. (SLO is about 4 1/2 hours drive from home)!

Some of the unique things around SLO:

Bubble Gum Alley: Yes that abc (already been chewed) gum on the walls:

F. Mclintock Bar and Saloon: My son attempting to eat the "Baron of Higuera" - a 1 1/2 pound monstrosity. Eat it and all the trimmings and get a t-shirt and your mug on the "wall of fame".

Hmm. The kid better be working it off:

Homecoming weekend in small town California:

Downtown San Luis Obispo:

I'm not a drinker, but I understand that SLO and Santa Ynez Valley winery tours are the bomb for the grownups!

Later today it will be seven easy miles. Legs and hips have told Mr. Brain it's okay to proceed....


  1. Looks like a very nice day! And that's crazy your son finished that entire plate!! How long did it take him?

  2. Envious Glenn. SLO one of my favorite places to be.

  3. We'd love to visit our college boy about now, he's been gone since August! Home for Thanksgiving though. I love Cal Poly SLO, it is such a neat school and the community is sweet. Must have missed the bubble gum alley though, thanks, we'll have to check it out next time.
    Have some nice easy miles today, I'm on my way out too.