Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Fun Rest Day

I've designated Friday as Running Sabbath. It's the day in my training schedule that is set aside for rest. Normally it's a day that I fall back on my old habits - work, eat and watch TV without guilt (not always such a bad idea). It's a day that I give this old body of mine a little rest and pretend all those little tweaks an niggles aren't there.

This morning I am SORE though. Why? Because I violated my Sabbath. Instead of taking the day off for sloth and laziness, I golfed. Golf! That's right! I am still pinching myself to see if this is really a dream....

Now - I used to golf a fair amount. I never got very good at it though, and eventually the frustration of that little ball going wherever the hell it wanted to led me to spending more time frustrated than having fun. The last time I touched my clubs was at least a year ago, maybe two! So it was with some trepidation that I accepted an invitation to play in a golf tournament to benefit my old High School. This year will be 35 years since I graduated High School, so it is kind of neat to rub elbows with so of my old buds...

It was a great Southern California day and a great day for golf. The skies were warm and crystal clear. Here's the golf course at 7:30 in the morning before we started:

It was a scramble tournament with a shotgun start. We teed off on hole four at 8:30 AM:

The longer the day went, the more spectacular it became. By midday, temperatures were pushing 80 and the air crystal clear:

Watching another great tee shot:

I grew up in a Mexican part of town. The big benefit? Outstanding Mexican food! Here are the carne asada tacos that were waiting for us at the tenth tee:
There was also al pastor and pollo if beef wasn't your style!

It was a great day of golf, and an even better day re stoking some 35 year old friendships!
P.S. - This was for a rare day even by Southern California standards! Yes folks - that's snow on those mountains.


  1. Such a good idea, having a running sabbath!

    Looks like you had an awesome time with your buddies. Those carne asadas look delicious! Mexican food is one of the top three reasons I stay in California. :)

  2. If that's you swinging that club, you should be TURNING instead of SWAYING on your back swing. ;)

  3. Been ahwile for me on the links as well. Maybe 5-6 years! I used to golf in college twice a week. Took full advantage of my Student discount from the University of Washington. Nice pix.

  4. I would take up golf if I knew carne asada taco were waiting for me at the 10th tee...

  5. That last picture looks like you are all standing in front of a photo drop, it's so picturesque! I go golfing (really drinking) once a year with co-workers. I don't know if I golf poorly because I drink or if I drink so I can blame it on the golfing poorly. Either way, it's a good time! No carne asadas, though.

  6. Just got back into golf last summer to teach my son. Unfortunately I didn't get any better without playing for 7 years. I don't know why.

  7. You look fab Glenn!!!

    Can't wait to get down there. Loved the golfing photos.

  8. Now that's how to break the Sabbath. And, yeah, this weather has been rather amazing, especially given what's happening back East.

  9. oh man. last time i went golfing i think i threw my back out. so sore the next day! (at the ripe ol' age of 25). how can such a gentle sport cause so much pain?

  10. I'm horrible at golf too, but on a day like that, there are few things better than hanging out with friends and knocking that little ball around.