Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Short Last Week

That pretty much wraps up my running last week. With the weather rearing it ugly head, this Southern California wimp headed indoors. Final stats on last week: 15.2 miles running, a 10K race, and 19 kilometers (almost 12 miles) rowing. So even though the running piece of the week was a little light, the total volume (33 miles) was about right, and I got a quality workout in on Thursday (hills).

That also wrapped up the first four weeks of L.A. Marathon Training. Total mileage was 110 miles, not too bad for two abbreviated weeks. At least I'm making sure that I'm getting my quality workouts in.

This week, weather notwithstanding, I should poke up above 35 miles for the first time in a while:

Monday: 3 miles general aerobic (GA). Stretching and core work to follow.
Tuesday: 7 miles GA
Wednesday: 3 Miles GA. Stretching and core work to follow.
Thursday: 35 minute tempo run (should be just under 4 miles)
Friday: Rest day (yea!)
Saturday: 14 mile long run
Sunday: 7 miles GA
Total: 37.5 miles (roughly)

And since today is already Tuesday, I'm happy to report that the first two days of this week are in the books - Monday 3 miles @ 8:56 pace, 82% MHR; Tuesday 7 miles @ 9:41 pace, 79% MHR.


  1. How are you doing on your 2009 mileage goal?

  2. Sounds like you're on your way towards LA Marathon, exciting! Thanks for the Xterra info. We were kind of confused about the details and now it probably will be reschedule for my marathon weekend...oh well!!

  3. Good luck in your training and with the rest of this week Glenn. One week at a week. Take care.

  4. Speaking of HR - I checked mine today on the treadmill. I think it was wrong cause it kept getting higher the longer i held onto those silly little handles on the treadmill! But it said I was at 117 when I finished my run...Ill have to write that down and start keeping track!

    hope the So cal weather gets better for you! Ill just suffer here in the snow!!

  5. Hey Glenn-
    Thanks for your recent advice...

    Ok-- humor me-- you hit the treadmill and the temperature in your neck of the woods was what???

    OK- had to rub it in... I have been hitting the tread myself lately-- I can't do it too many days in a row because I get terribly bored-- sometimes the bitter cold is better!! I always feel better afterwards too>

  6. i've kind of moved into (onto?) the treadmill myself. blah the dark. blah the cold. i'm gonna be a wimp if i want to darn it! :)

    sheesh 12 miles on the erg sounds like eternity!

  7. I feel like such a slacker by comparison.

    I hope to be back on the trails this weekend!