Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three Chilly Miles

Got them done right at sundown yesterday. It was chilly out, but I chose a path that kept me in the sun *and* I wore that extra layer, so it wasn't too cold. Not to mention it was in the low 50s. Yes. I am a wimp. Final stats - 3.2 miles at an average pace of 9:21. Heart rate was right at 75% of max. The data says I have more to give. I should be running these short runs closer to 80% of max heart rate. But right now my legs, knees and hips are telling me otherwise. I've been fighting a mean case of tendinitis in my right knee the past couple of weeks. As long as I don't bend it more than about 40 degrees, I'm able to put the miles in. This morning though my hips and left knee are painful. This is the sure sign that I need new shoes.

If running is our profession, shoes are our tools. I would not dream of doing my work with substandard or worn out tools. So much pain and so many injuries could be avoided just by making sure we are in the right shoes. I usually bite my tongue when I hear of people trying out new shoes that they haven't worn before, or buying different shoes because they were a good deal. I won't mention any names, but a couple of folks I follow have some first hand experience.

That's why I have always run in the same shoes. I had a gait analysis done at Road Runner Sports when I fist started running, and ever since then have stuck to Asics. They work for me. In two plus years of running I've had one injury - and that happened when I slipped during a race last Thanksgiving. But, just when I have everything dialed in, Asics decides to discontinue my tried and true GT 2140's! I've had great luck with these shoes - right now I have two pair that I rotate - each with 400 miles on them. I compare that to the Gel Kayanos that I used to wear that got me 250 miles max. And the Saucony Pro Grids that had me in pain after a week in them. Guess I'll go try Asics new GT 2150's and see how those hold up.

Finally, I need to thank all of you readers and followers for your wonderful words of support the past couple of weeks. Reading some of them yesterday shed some light on my past few weeks. As Patrick said yesterday, "I've read past posts when you've been down on yourself-- but you kept going-- pushed through it all-- congrats!" Thank you for reminding me! It's tough when you're in the trenches slogging away to remember the way it *used* to be:

On the plan today - hills. 5 repeats. If the rain holds out....


  1. if you're really committed to the GT 2140's I'd suggest going over to Ebay and snatching up as many pairs as you can... you can usually get shoes at a pretty decent price, especially discontinued models...

    also, thanks for the look back to your old training log. it's always great to get a little bit of perspective on things... I hope I can realize the same kind of improvements that you saw in my second year of running!

  2. If Asics discontinued that does not mean you cannot find them anymore. What it usually means, you now can get the same shoe 40-50 less. This is at least what I have found with my tried and true never let me down New Balance1062. Poke around some websites and see if you can find them. I usually just search the shoe itself and will find a listing of at least 4-6 stores still carrying my shoe. Now finding them in your size? Can't help ya on that. 400 Miles on each shoe is really high mileage. If I get to 275 I am happy camper.

    Generally though, if changes have been made to a new line - the changes are typically minor. They also can be "good" changes as well.

    I would rest your knee though. Sounds like it really is affecting your stride if your are getting hip pain as well. Never good to run injured.

  3. Very good Post Glenn,

    I am fix'n to trade my Gel Kayanos for new ones next week. Mine have 500+ miles between this year and last. I tried different shoes this summer and after about a mile I went back home and put on my trusty kayanos. Tried 2 different pair. Yes, our shoes are our tools, as well as our bodys. Great Post again, and keep em coming. have a good one man! BTW can you send that 40 degree weather my way. It sure beats this crap. lol. Maybe I will just move one day.

  4. You've come a long way, Glenn, and I totally look to you for inspiration...even if you think that the 50's is too "cold." :)

    Careful with that tendonitis; I hope you feel better quickly.

  5. P.S.
    To me, you are the Running "Phat" Guy. :)

  6. Yeah, my first pair of running shoes were the Saucony Pro Grids and they hurt my feet like no other!!!!

    I was debating of getting another pair of my current running shoes to switch out. Do you use one pair for your long runs and another one for your short run or just alternate between the two with each run?

    Sucks about your favorite Asics though. What are you going to do?

  7. Glenn I know your cold pain from this past weekend! seriously! :) even though it was 27 at the race I died in 50 degrees so 27 was the ultimate killer for me! You have come so far and looking back on your progress is great!! :)

  8. Bummer about the weather. It is 14 degrees here, with a windchill of -4.
    On another note - I wear the 2140's as well. I picked up a new pair for $40 less than I paid before. But RunnersWorld has given the 2150's a very good review - so go get a pair before your small pains turn into big hurts!

  9. I will trade for your version of chilly, Glenn..I ran in 4 degrees with a -9 wind chill tonight. Brrrrr! ;-)

    I hate it when favorite shoes get discontinued. I always dread the "model changes" year after year too. I hope the upgraded Asics do the trick for you. Nice job with your training as well...keep up the great work!

  10. Brrr..track on Tuesday was so cold-about 42 degrees! I'm such a wimp but heck, Calfornia is not supposed to be that cold. Thanks for the reminder about shoes!

  11. I have admiration at your keeping at it and improvement but no sympathy for your "chilly" weather.

    I'm an asics runner too. Hope you can find some of your 2140's.

  12. Oh no! Why is asics discontinuing those shoes! I bet those are similar to the ones i have. I really like them! We should send them a letter and tell Asics how we feel!