Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tough Cold Seven Wraps Week 6

So, just as I start feeling like I'm invincible, I have a run like yesterday's. Things just weren't right. The plan was to run 7 miles at marathon pace. The first issue was slowing down. After running so many miles lately at a faster pace, I found it incredibly hard to slow down and stay slow. Which, come to think about it, is *exactly* the purpose of these pace workouts! The second issue was the cold. I chose to run the Lower Back Bay, and because I got shanghaied into a little construction project during the day, I couldn't get out until dusk. The cold along with the moisture in the air had me hurting. By the time I wrapped up, every step hurt.

But, I got it done. The miles last night seemed to go on forever, but I got the seven done to cap a pretty awesome week. 38.25 miles total with the highlight being an 8 mile tempo run for my quality workout on Thursday.

I'm travelling this week, so flexibility will be the name of the game. Also, while my right knee is feeling a little better, I am still seriously considering a couple of days off to give it some rest. But, I'll put in some quality in this week:

Monday: 3 miles general aerobic (GA), followed by some core and stretching.
Tuesday: 8 miles GA. Traveling to Chicago, so this one may not happen.
Wednesday: 3 miles GA. See Tuesday.
Thursday: 5 hill repeats. Along with 2 mile warm up and 1 mile warm down, this will become 6 miles. I'm coming back from the Windy City, so depending on weather/delays this may not happen. If it doesn't, I'll push it to Friday.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: 16 mile long run. Ugh. They're already staring to get long....
Sunday: 8 miles at race pace
Total: Somewhere between 33 and 45 miles.

Are we having fun yet? Only 12 more weeks to go!


  1. Good luck with your week goal and safe travels! Don't give up on your travel runs - Chicago is a great town to run in!!

  2. Safe Travels man. Hope your week turns good with that in sight. Thanks to your last post, it inspired me to do one kind of based around yours. Have a good one Glenn. Btw, what is cold temps there for you? My wife, being filipino cant stand anything below 80. lol

  3. Those runs help prove your mental strenth. You kept going and got it done. Good for you Glenn!

    You have 12 weeks, I've got 9! We are having fun aren't we??? LOL!

  4. Good luck with your training the next few're doing a great job and sometimes we just have icky days out there. A sign our body is tired and need to recover. Have a safe travel week!

  5. You're already at 16 miles and 12 weeks to go?

  6. Merry Christmas Glenn!! Hope you had a great time with your family. You are so close to your mileage goal!! You definitely are faster! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have a happy new year!

  7. Good job, Glenn! You are putting in some good mileage. Flexibility in the running schedule is always a good thing, too. I had a strange week with some disruptions due to the weather and travel, and an extra day off here and there certainly isn't a bad thing!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  8. I don't like the looks of that training week. Glad it's you instead of me. LOL ;)

  9. 'cold' huh? ;) hehe.

    there will always be these kinds of runs thrown in, but the good part is you also have (so many) great runs too so you tend to forget the bad ones and keep chugging along :)

    safe travels this week and happy new year! finish out the last of those 1500 miles!

  10. Ha!
    I tried to make a run for it when we got to the airport so I could stay in SoCal, but Ben caught me :( Hence I'm back in MD...

  11. Take lots of extra clothes if you're gonna run in know we're not built for that here :-)

    Have a safe week!

  12. As always, you are more dedicated than me. Putting in all those miles when they felt like they'd never end.