Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Six at What?

Something is going on here. Had a 6 mile general aerobic run in the afternoon. Nothing really of note during the run - other than it was cold by Southern California standards. Running from the sun into the shadows was a bit of shock, especially once I started sweating. Next time I'll make sure to wear an extra layer. I pushed a *little* just because it was cool, the wind was blowing, and only wearing a single layer, I was getting chilled quickly.

My Garmin data showed that my average heart rate was 79% of max - right in the middle of my 75% to 85% MHR aerobic range. The real shock was my average pace - 9:21. WHAT? I just put in a six mile training run at a relatively easy pace one minute slower than my current 10K PR? What is going on here?

A few weeks back Coach Sumner told us at a Saturday morning pep talk that running was one of those activities where your results are directly related to the work you put in. Maybe two years of work is starting to show? Folks - keep your nose to the grindstone!


  1. Great Post Glenn,
    Great Job on your 6 mile Training Run. I am currently using my mileage to save up for a garmin thingy. Not sure of which one to get yet. At 50 cents a mile, I still have time to decide. lol. Nice lay out btw. Glad to know you sprung back. Wishing you a great day!.....and yes, my nose is in the grindstone. I have my 8 mile long run today. Thanks to one of your recent posts, I started to incorporate speed work (which I am playing around with) into my training. Monday I produced 3 of those 9:30 miles. Not exact but close enough. Thanks! Today I will be happy at an average mile pace of 11:30 or so. Sori comment so long. Later

  2. Speedy McSpeedison! You have been hiding this speed from us all along! Thanks again for the help and advice on Monday!

  3. Great job!!! :D By the way, I just purchased TJ's Gingerbread coffee because you made it sound so good!!! Guess what? I like it!!!

  4. I remember a certain "someone" (aka ME!) Commenting on your crappy run, stating that a stellar one was just around the corner. Hmm...just call me your running crystal ball.

    Great job. :D

  5. Glenn-

    That is a great pace!

    It's amazing how all of us runners can look back in the past and think where we WERE and where we ARE today.. Back when going 3 miles was a far-a-way goal-- when running sub 12 minute miles was too much...

    So you know-- reading your blog has helped me realize the hard work-- the sweat-- the not-so-fun runs when your body fights against you-- it all pays off in the end. I've read past posts when you've been down on yourself-- but you kept going-- pushed through it all-- congrats! You can honestly say you deserve the progress!

  6. Nice work. It's fun to get out and run when things are going that well.

  7. DUH glenn - you're getting faster and in better shape! faster 800's, faster easy pace....

    shall i go ahead and buy tickets to the men's marathon for the 2012 olympics? :)

    nicely done! running is definitely one of those things we have to stick with for the long haul.

  8. I always need that reminder, just keep working at it, thanks Glenn! I'm happy for you too since you're on your way to a new marathon and the motivation is always welcome! Great work!