Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Got My Azz Whooped...

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for comments left about Sunday's run. The whole idea of PTSD hadn't even crossed my mind. All I know is I was real confused about how everything progressed and how painful everything was on a relatively short workout. You bloggers are lifesavers. Thanks!
Yesterday was a rarity in Southern California. Something that happens maybe five or six times a year. Cold. Windy. Rain in buckets. Enough so that this wimp decided that running was NOT going to happen. Especially since this wimp also had sore legs, knees and hips AND the run on the plan was just a three mile recovery run.

So, instead, I pulled my old Concept 2 Model C ergometer from the garage and proceeded to row. For an hour. 11 kilometers. Got my ass kicked.

Well okay. Not for an hour. But 55 minutes is close enough. The workout was 5 minute warm up, then 3 sets of 5 minutes at 18 strokes per minute (spm), 5 minutes at 24 spm, and 5 minutes at 30 spm, followed by a 5 minute warm down. This would be the equivalent of some type of a progression run where you would run 5 minutes easy, 5 minutes at a moderate pace, then 5 minutes at a hard pace. While doing crunches and lifting two pound weights up to shoulder height. It's been a long time since I made noises while working out. The only reason I wasn't embarrassed yesterday was that it was so cold and wet outside I'm sure no one walked by the garage while I was grunting like a stuck pig. I am *sore* today. But not like Sunday's sore. This is the "good" kind of sore that tells us that the workout we did the day before has left us a little stronger. A little more fit. Yes - it was worth the ass whooping.
On the schedule today is a six mile run. It's also 38 degrees outside this morning. This wimp says this run is happening after lunch.....


  1. You know I love the rowing machine, so I'm glad the two of you got reacquainted during the rain storm. Yeah, this is the second big storm we've had here in two weeks and I am just thrilled for the change in weather and the opportunity to go another week without having to water our lousy lawns.

  2. Yeah, I heard you guys are getting hit with a winter storm. Us too! It's 15 degress outside right now!

    PS: I agree on the rowing -- that always used to make me so sore, but GOOD sore!

  3. Wow, a rowing machine. That's cool. Im glad to hear that you got your @$$ kicked. Why else would you pull that thing out. As far as the noises, let em' think what they want. Your the guy in charge. As far as the weather, California is looking good for me. I have (ill admit it) succumbed to going to the gym in this damn cold crap freezer. Well, be safe and have a good one.

  4. Great job on the rowing! The one or two times I tried it I was sore for days!

    I can't believe it's so cold in LA right now. Good luck with the chilly run!

  5. Sounds like more rowing and crossfit training is needed. Rowing machines can be punishing thought, especially for an hour!

  6. i think i am the only person who liked the weather yesterday!!

  7. Your blog looks great!!!

    The rowing machine is VERY cool. Just read all your posts from the week.

    Good job, Glenn. Keep it coming

  8. Ooo! I love rowing! Great workout Glenn!

  9. LOL!!, this was a funny post!!, that is the good thing about running in close places or in places were no one is around, you can make all of those funny / weird noises as loud as you can!!

    Go for the run!!



  10. Ok Glenn 38 degrees! really!

    This morning I got up at 445am and there was 2 inches of snow on my car and the ground. The roads had not been plowed yet and it was sleeting! I didn't try to run but i also didn't have a run planned! I did get to the pool only took me about double the time! And now i am off to get some coffee to defrost myself! Just thought you would like to know!

    Oh and My bf went to the rangers vs. sabres games last weekend! I have yet to get to a game though...maybe next year!

  11. i would totally have put the run off too if i had the option! i will tough out the cold but... it's not like i love it.

    nice erg workout! you definitely inspired me to get on it again this week - i'll probably do a similar workout focusing on spm's. i know i felt like i was dying in my 5k last week at 24-26! hopefully 18-22 will be more manageable.

    glad to hear sunday's pain wasn't injury-pain, though i do (of course) hope you are feeling ok mentally, physically and emotionally!