Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ten Miles That Turned into....

Six. Yeah - that's right. My super great Saturday experience has me living with fatigue and pain. It's almost like I had run a marathon. Wow.

I was so sore on Sunday, I sacked my scheduled 6 mile pace run. As a result, last week's mileage was only 39 instead of 51. And 9.3 of those were rowing. On the positive side, my trail run was over 3 hours, so there should have been some glycogen system stimulation there.

As far as this week - this is week 15 of my 18 week training plan (that means my goal marathon is only four weeks away!!!!):
  • Monday: Row 5 km. Stretching and core work
  • Tuesday: 10 mile tempo run
  • Wednesday: Row 10 kms
  • Thursday: 9 mile GA run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 10 mile tempo run
  • Sunday: Chinatown Firecracker 10K race
  • Total planned: 35.2 miles run, 9.3 miles rowed

So, it's already Wednesday - let talk. Monday started out okay. Despite walking around like I had a broom stuck up my ass, I got on the ergometer and ripped off a set of 3 x 12 minutes at 26 spm, 28 spm, 22 spm with 3 minute rest for a total of 7.9 kms (4.9 miles).

Then Tuesday. My quads were still very sore from Saturday. Based on that, I knew the tempo run wasn't going to happen, but I really wanted to get out and put in 10 easy miles to flush out the acid. But, when I got to 3 miles, *it* just wasn't happening. My heart started racing and my legs started protesting loudly. So, instead of 10 miles, I turned tail and made my way back to the car for a slow painful 6 miles. Oh well. Que sera sera.

Today, I'll be back on the ergometer. 10 kms. Will it happen? I hope so (I know I know. Doesn't sound real positive....)


  1. Hi Glenn,
    You have been working so hard and maybe your body just needs a little rest. It is totally fine to cut back a little...six miles is still good:) Wow, you have a 10k race on Sunday!! Awesome, that means another one of Glenn's great race recaps is coming in the near future:) Happy Wednesday Glenn!!

  2. Trail running and road running really are completley different beasts. My 12k Trail race this past Tday felt like a post HM for me afterwards. Even my once-twice a month trail training run of 5-6 miles leaves me feeling beat up for a few days after. Quads is where I usually feel it the most with the downhill technical workout. Which is 50% of my trail trainer.

    Still eventually I would like to do more trails than roads in the future as well. Just need to live somewhere, where the trails are worth kicking the dirt on.

  3. I would still be in a coma after running that trail race, so it's probably ok to cut your body a bit of slack this week. It'll let you know when it's recovered.

  4. Oh Glenn! I hope you are less sore tomorrow! I guess that elevation really took it toll!

  5. Not every day is perfect! C'mon, I know you learned this a long time ago. Have you forgotten? Unfortunatley, WE have no control over our bodies, as much as we want to think we do. ;)

  6. You were smart to wait on the tempo with tired legs, that just ends up frustration me when I try it! Get some rest and a massage!

  7. Ooh, another race this weekend for you. I have to say I'm a little jealous. A PB perhaps?

  8. I hope you're feeling better, Glenn.

    I'll be walking/jogging the Firecracker 5k this weekend so I'll look out for you.

    Take care of yourself!

  9. i wouldn't doubt it with all those hills in that trail race! hope you are recovered and feeling better by now, and hope you got that broom out easily ;-)

  10. So, do you count your rowing miles into your weekly mileage? I was never sure of how to do the conversion with my biking miles.

    It's raining so much here, I may have to bag running outside tomorrow morning. There's diehardness, and there's stupidity.

    Some days it just happens, and some days it doesn't. Sorry you had one of those!

    And the one and only trail race I've ever done was a 25K and I was in a ton of pain too. So was my brother and his friend, who did the 50 miler that day. :-)