Monday, February 1, 2010

Month One Wrap Up

Last week was blah, but I think that my calf has healed. I was on the shelf (actually the couch) Friday through Sunday. I had every intention of running yesterday, but got involved in a couple of new work projects, and before I knew it was late. So much for a Sunday run.

Despite this downer, I'm not bothered for a couple of reasons. First I've been running pretty consistently for quite a while now - a day or two off won't materially affect my fitness. Secondly, I still have six weeks left before my goal race. Better safe than sorry. Final stats for last week: 18 miles running, 9.3 miles rowing. I got my stretching and core work in. And my thumb got a good workout on the TV remote.

While the end of the month was a little disappointing, January ended up a good month. I finished with 149 running miles and 35.5 rowing miles for 184.5 total miles. Even when I remove the rowing from the equation, my 149 miles is my third highest monthly total ever. January's total miles eclipsed my previous high of 172 miles (July 2009) just before my body decided to rebel with a bunch of tweaks, niggles, colds, and various minor maladies signalling over training. This two days a week of rowing seems to be treating my body well. Hmm. Maybe I have learned something.

This week will be another easy week as I "mini-taper" for the Surf City Half on Sunday:
  • Monday: Erg 5 kilometers. Stretch and core.
  • Tuesday: 10 mile tempo run. At least it's not 12.
  • Wednesday: Erg 10 kilometers
  • Thursday: 5 mile general aerobic run. Stretch and core.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: PR or ER!!!!!!
  • Total plan: 28.1 miles running, 15 kms (9.3 miles) rowing.

I'm back in my rowing studio tonight. Hopefully I won't have to move a car to get to the rowing machine....


  1. I love the PR or ER statment! you'll do great Glenn! :) What a great month Jan was for you. Way to kick butt! :)

  2. You are really racking up the miles! You're right, a light week is probably not only NOT going to hurt, it'll probably help.

  3. Hi Glenn,
    Reading through many of the blogs this morning it is apparent that many of us have had kind of a blah week:( I don't know what it is, but we made it through January and things are going to get better!! Great job on your weekly miles. I have a feeling that you are going to do great on Sunday's run! Take lots of pictures:) Happy Monday Glenn!! Also, thanks for your advice and words of wisdom. I do appreciate it:)

  4. I'm looking forward to see how you do.

    I've been having the same kind of "blahs" only for longer than a week.

    i'm hoping February proves to be different for me.

    Good luck!

  5. That whole work thing can do it, can't it? Love the good attitude, though. Hey, I hope to see you at Surf City.

  6. Great Job on your Jan Month, 1st on of the year. Sorry about your Blah Week. They come and go I guess. May the next one be better than the last. Take care. Glad your Calve is doing better.

  7. Those are great numbers, good job!

  8. Great month! I'm glad that your calf is healed. Hopefully next week will be better. Here comes the Surf City Half!

  9. "Sunday: PR or ER!!!!!!" - love it! Good luck on Sunday, can't wait to hear about your PR!!! :)

  10. January turned out to be a good month for you, way to go. Keep it up now.

  11. February will be great! You're racing this weekend, remember? Have a nice light week and you're body and mind will feel energized. Have a nice week!

  12. Hey Glenn,

    Glad to hear that your calf is doing better. Definitely resting and taking it easy is the wise thing to do! It's hard though to listen to the voice of reason....that is until the pain makes it a little easier to say...okay...I hear running today! ; -) Christine

  13. Great mileage for January Glenn! I am glad you took the time to let the calf heal!

  14. glad your calf is doing better! i love the pr or er quote. i think i heard that from you/someone else before nyc... love it :)

    still a solid january even if it kind of puttered out at the end. just temporary, here's to a strong feb!