Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sputtering Along

So maybe there’s some hope after all. I spent some of my morning reading my blog roll. I cannot tell you how motivating this is. Even if I  don’t leave a comment, I *do* read each and every one of your blogs. I hit one in particular yesterday….

“MILES 13-18  Suddenly things took a turn, so to speak.  I had lost that "essence of running" joy that I ramble on about on this blog and somewhere on one of the Newton Hills I started to get calf cramps in each leg and it was KILLING ME!  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to yell at the spectators!  … I just kept thinking about something a "Mystery Coach" mentioned in their blog which carried me through this whole race. “Just when you think you only have 70% to give,  dig deep because you really have about 30% more." So,  I basically ran the rest of the race chanting this mantra with my right foot knotted up and my toes doing a "paraplegic" thing with every step.  Truly,  my foot was turned in and I was completely tweaking up through the calf.  But I kept going.  Remember?  I still had 30% more to give”

And I’m sitting here complaining about some sore knees, tired legs, and a little rain. Thanks Meg. This is the kick in the butt I needed.

I headed out in the late afternoon and put in 5 miles. The weather was brisk (mid 50’s*) with a 15 mph headwind. It was tough to keep moving at times, but crap. What am I complaining about?

On tap today – some mile intervals. Gotta get them done….


  1. Glenn! You are doing fine. It's totally normal to have some down days or weeks. Keep on truckin and you'll get your mojo back.

    Why on earth would you not want to go to Europe? ;)

  2. We are acknowledging the fact the we are total whiners... The first step to recovery :)

    Every single running magazine seems to have an article that notes the importance of how we need to pat ourselves on the back for even getting out there.. We do it, some of us with crazy toes, some with no motivation, some with broken ribs (I KNOW RIGHT?! I read about a guy who ran with broken ribs-knowingly!)
    Any-who how ever you do it... You are doing it, so just keep on keepin on!

  3. Glad you had your kick in the butt. Now get moving.....really! Enjoyed your post today as you demonstrate the attitude of "it can be worse", so why am I complaining. Take care, hope your intervals go ok today.

  4. Run one for me, will ya? :)

    Nice job!

  5. I agree that reading other people's blog posts is really inspiring.

    ::big big hugs::

    Keep on running, Glenn!

  6. Speaking of mojo, I actually just posted the first part of this on BOB's blog, but you might like to read it also. It's from The Eagle, a 60-year-old Australian blogger (ray42k.blogspot)
    How good is it to be alive, fit and training well and hard. Really life does not get much better. And the garbage that life deals us each day is much easier to handle when the day starts off in such a positive way. I was a few months ago struggling with getting as they say the mojo back. I now know that was in part being depressed in not being as fit as I could be. I am now moving in the right direction and very happy.

  7. Did I say all that? Those moments can be such a hodge podge of thoughts, it gets messy out there. Dig deeper is the message, I guess. We all can do it, I think it just takes practice. Thanks for being the one to inspire me. I keep thinking that you were the one right back out there after your marathon...that's kicking me to get back out too. Thanks, Glenn.

  8. love that from meg's blog (haven't caught up on her blog though!). i need to dig deep myself - i hope i can pull this one from the depths of my mind next time i am struggling in a run.

    get out there and HTFU :)

  9. wow thanks for sharing this post of hers. I think a lot of times our body is way more prepared for athletic feats than our brain is, and our brain holds us back. I will definitely be keeping this on the forefront of my mind for my marathon. :)

  10. Wow, that was a pretty cool blog post clip. So true about the 30% rule. Always more to give.

    I agree w/ BOB - totally normal to have off weeks or even longer. Just make sure that you're slugging away and it will come back.