Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trying trying trying…

Well, I officially need to say that motivation is currently at a low point. I am having to convince myself that running is fun. Of course, runs like yesterday’s six miler don’t help….

For whatever reason, those six miles yesterday seemed every bit as difficult as any run twice the distance. I was toying with the idea of tacking an extra couple miles on to make the distance respectable, but I soon jettisoned that idea about 2 miles in. I might still be suffering from some of the after effects of my bronchitis since I did have to stop for a couple of mini coughing fits, but more alarming was the fact that at no point during my run (except when I got back to the car) was any of it “fun”. Sigh.

I’ll be off for a little tempo run this afternoon – 30 minutes or so. I’m hoping that the nice weather can adjust my attitude…..


  1. It never fails does it? If I have a 20 mile run I get tired at 18 miles. If I have a 10 mile run I get tired at 8 miles. My body just knows it should get tired near the end!

    I am still trying to like running. I started running to lose weight so it is just something I do. When I was running with SRLA it was fun because I was able to visit with the students and teachers during the runs. Now, I see it was a way to be able to eat more (healthy) food.

    If running was fun I would have been running for the last 40 years and not have to worry about counting calories. One day I hope to run for the sake (not the Japanese stuff) of running. Think of it like an arranged marriage - you do what needs to be done and hope you will find love in the long run (pun intended)!

    Never give up hope!

  2. I think what you are going through is normal. After my first RNR I got really sick. I didn't run for close to a month. Your motivation will return. I am sure you just needed to completely recover.

    I hope you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

  3. I read something in a RW article years ago about post Marathon recovery. Maybe it was not that long ago - anyway ....

    The recommendation was taking a day off for every mile run during your Marathon race. So, yeah about a month of NO running was the advice. I guess it all depends on your body and how hard the Marathon was on ya, plus training leading up. You may need less or more time. Yet, I would think your mind needs that time off as well.

    More rowing for now? Maybe try biking or swimming? Yet, I know you had that really bad bike accident once. From what you describe of it - I think I would go forever before I road again as well. Or, maybe just do track work right now doing some interval lengths or Fartleks? Sometimes this can jar something loose in ya.

  4. I'm still coughing too, blah! I sometimes go through two weeks of transtition after a marathon. My mind has no goal and no place to go at first. Then, once I'm truly rested, it all comes flooding back. Don't back off too, too much is a b&*(& to get back! Relax and have some fun :) !

  5. Oh Glenn,
    I feel for you. You have to remember you just ran a really tough marathon and maybe your body and mind need a chance to rest for a bit. I know that you will get your groove back soon:) Hang in there Glenn...I am pulling for you!!

  6. Hello Glenn,
    Thank you for writing this wonderful blog! You write about life and running in a way that is both exciting and motivating (even when you write about your own struggle). Think I know something about that feeling. after finishing my first marathon last year
    ( - a fantastic marathon race in France with a lot of costumes and wine), I could hardly run for the next month. Felt tired and running was absolutely fun anymore. Then things changed - as they often do. Think we need some time to rest and relax after a marathon.
    My Marathon number two will be in Copenhagen in May.
    A lot of good wishes from a running grandmother (I apology my bad writing - english is not my first language)

  7. Hope that tempo run went better than the other run. Bronchitis is tough to recover some, give those lungs a break! I am sure you will be back loving running again soon!

  8. You can do it! The feeling will come back, sooner then later. No doubt about it

  9. 6 miles is the devil's distance. fairly certain I've ranted on this before (many times). Nothing good ever came from a 6 mile run, so kudos for you for surviving. :)

  10. i have definitely been in this situation! except i think i am still in it from post-walt disney (uhh jan '09). :) hopefully your post-race funk won't last as long!

    maybe you could take a break from running and do other activities?

  11. Yeah, I think that we've all been there after a marathon. I think the best thing to do is get another plan/race on the schedule asap. at least that is what helps me!