Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Days in a Row!

Made it out for a quick four mile run late yesterday. I started in the Lower Back Bay, and mixed it up a little by heading out onto the open streets (Eastbluff Rd, Jamboree Rd):

Running Lower Back Bay 4-14-2010

Not to worry. The sidewalks are pretty wide on these busy streets. At least I got some hills in:

Running Lower Back Bay 4-14-2010, Elevation - Distance

I can tell that my body *still* doesn’t like me for my trek through Los Angeles a couple weeks back. My lower abs are tired/sore and my legs feel fatigued. I was pleased with my paces (especially when you look at the elevation profile above):

Running Lower Back Bay 4-14-2010, Pace

It’s just a tough painful go of it these days. I’m reminded of what one of my friends said once about running post marathon – it just takes time until everything feels right again. How long? Sometimes it’s a week. Sometimes it’s a month. He said once it took him 8 weeks until he was able to feel like he was doing more than just shuffling along. Time for me to be patient and get the miles in.


  1. Glenn, I have a feeling that you will be in the zone in no time. Just keep at it, and those hills, awesome! Just keep doing what you love! Great post, and love the profile pics of the lay out of hills and routes. Take care.

  2. Good to see you're stringing some days together; sorry it still seems like such a slog. Keep at it, it'll get better.

  3. Okay, I just wrote a comment and then lost it...err. Haha

    Yep, you got some killer hills in there - you're going to have buns of steel soon (you can make your own video!). I used to work with an Olympic Marathon Trial runner and she always told me the body needs a full month to repair the damage of a marathon and only then should you start thinking of running well again, but sometimes it takes longer. Don't force it, just run and when it happens, it will happen ... and oh what a glorious day. It's almost there, I can feel it!! Hang in there...and have a great weekend!

  4. Go hill master go!
    Isn't it a total booster when you push those running days together? I love it! Not to mention the weather has been greeeat! Hey are you doing the Laguna Hills Half at the end of May? Or have you done it?

  5. Hopefully you will be back in the groove of things soon! It really is crazy how long our bodies take to recover from things!

  6. WOW! Those hills are crazy.

    Be sure to know the difference between fatigue and upcoming injury. Training while fatigued can be REALLY good training. The other of course is what I seem to do all of the time - and then pay for it with extended time off!

  7. 8 weeks?! Really? Oh boy.

    Those hills hurt just looking at them.

  8. Hi Glenn,
    Yea, I would say you got some hills in:) OMG: That map makes it look terrible!! I am glad to hear that you are back in cation! Take care:)

  9. The SDTC post-RnR training schedule has us taking about 3 1/2 weeks off (or easy) after the marathon. Coach Paul says one day for every mile...

    I'm not so sure that those hills are taking it easy though :-)

  10. i wonder if one can claim "marathon recovery" 6 months after the fact? :) how valid would i sound?

    glad you pushed yourself out there - hopefully you'll feel "normal" sooner rather than later!

  11. Good job getting back into your running groove.

    Please tell me that that hill is not part of the OC marathon!

  12. Those are some hills, hope you worked them hard. Nah, I wouldn't have either.

    By the way, you are as "real" a runner as anybody.

  13. Nice hill run! Recovery from every race is different; I think most people take at least a month to return to normal and slightly longer before all speed returns. Sounds like you are recovering safely, which is the best thing.