Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What’s This Falling From the Sky?

I had to check the calendar yesterday. It’s late April right? And I suppose April showers bring May flowers, but honestly – this is Southern California. Enough of this rain already!

I headed to the high school track a little after 5PM to put in some interval work. None of my pals were there yet, and just as I stepped out of the car the heavens opened. This wasn’t a normal warm spring shower – but a cold February type downpour. I decided there and then that my rowing machine would be meeting my butt. I ended up spending 30 minutes on the erg for a total of 6.1 kilometers. Today my back and shoulders are tired. I need more of that.

Speaking of being tired, my legs have been killing me. Nothing serious and no injury, but just a nagging tired muscle pain in my quads and some sore creaky knees. It’s been almost a month since the marathon, and I just feel like my legs are not recovering this time around. Maybe it’s time for new shoes – I do have around 350 miles on my road shoes. Hmmm.

Which reminds me – my schedule for this week:

  • Monday – Rest. Recovery from weekend race.
  • Tuesday – Intervals with track club. 5 miles or thereabouts. (Already behind the eight ball).
  • Wednesday – 5 general aerobic miles
  • Thursday – 3 x 1600 intervals at 10K pace. With warm ups and warm downs, around 7 miles
  • Friday – 4 general aerobic miles
  • Saturday – 9 general aerobic miles
  • Sunday – 40 minute tempo run
  • Total – around 34 miles

Keep me honest folks!


  1. So, you didn't see that rain coming until after you got there huh? That always sucks, but at least you got it good with the row thing. Thanks for sharing, and hope your legs get better from whatever it is. Take care.

  2. Just found your blog through another. Enjoy your sarcasm! Your PR post made me chuckle. Adding you to my blog roll. Good luck with the achin' legs!

  3. Aw, Glenn, I hope you allow your legs to rest. ::hugs::

  4. bahahahah what is this "but a cold February type downpour" you speak of????? Where I come from anything falling in feb. is contributing to a blizzard. :p Sending some fresh leg vibes your way. I'm not a fan of tired legs. Blech.

  5. Yep, it has been raining here, too, and hail.

    Nice job on the runs/workouts! No wonder you PRed! You're a machine, man!

  6. I also had track practice yesterday but when I got off work, it was raining pretty hard. I blew it off. I bad! I saw people running in the rain and I just couldn't see me being one of them.

    We are so spoiled to have so many great sunny days here. But running in wet sneakers is not my idea of a good time.

  7. Rain rain go away! I was lucky enough to get out of work just in time to see the sun shine and hit the wet pavement yesterday, but hit the gym this a.m.... Summer will be here, things will dry out and your legs will be happy and back to normal :)

    Please, do tell- what you have heard of the L.H.1/2!

  8. BLAH - I'm in San Jose this week and it has been CRAPPY. CRAPPY CRAPPY.

    don't forget those mile repeats tomorrow (this is me keeping you accountable)

  9. My run had showers for about 3 miles with the wind blowing 12 MPH. Today's run was dry - much better.

  10. I vote for two pair of new shoes to rotate!

    I hope your legs feel better soon. No fun....the aches and pains.

    Sunny and beautiful in the Pacific NW. Go figure. :)

  11. PS

    Yes, kids still play with marbles, but with marble tracks. The kid LOVES it.

  12. Hi Glenn,
    Wow, it looks like you are picking up the training again...take care of your legs:) How come everyone else has a track close to them that they can run on? Our high school track locks up right after the kids leave. The only thing that I could do is to clomb over the fence:) That would be pretty darn entertaining for sure!

    Hang in there:)

  13. Cmon sweetie what are you made of sugar!


  14. Hope you got out there for those 1600s last night!!! Just trying to keep you honest!!

  15. i hear ya on the sludge feeling. mine have been feeling slow and sluggish for awhile, not just since monday. hope your legs wake up soon!

    i wouldn't say you are behind the eight ball... it's not like you went home and sat on the couch.