Sunday, August 24, 2008

Five Miles of Exhaustion

Note: This entry was actually supposed to be for last Tuesday, August 19 for my run the prior day. I wrote it on a plane on my way to Atlanta:

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy 5 mile run. Strange thing was it was anything but. I don't know if it is back to back to back hard workouts (even though Saturday's and yesterday's weren't supposed to be), or just the heat and/or humidity, but I plain ran out of gas during the third mile. I did my normal north from the NAC run. The first mile was a bit fast (9:40 pace, including the hill). Second mile I was trying to slow down, so did a 10:00 pace, but by mile 3 I was spent. As in spent some time walking. My heart rate was fine, breathing was fine, but my legs had nothing left in them. The last two miles were very slow, but I got the five in.

I am wondering if some of the issue here is that I am not spending any time in the gym after a run stretching and doing core strengthening. Since I ran out of the NAC yesterday, I did spend some time in the weight room afterwards. During my last marathon training cycle I did stretch at least twice, if not three times a week. I also had started the Runner's World core workout before vacation, but haven't done any of those exercises for at least three weeks. Time to recommit to those....

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