Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Speedwork

Yesterday was Speedwork Sunday! The plan called for a 40 minute fartlek. I got out early in the AM after dropping my son off at the NAC for his workout, so I headed over to Crystal Cove and did my workout.

I was targeting 4 miles. Only got in 3.85, but my pace during the fast pieces was good. At one point I ran a 7:32 pace for 1/4 mile. Overall I was pretty pleased with the workout.

The best part of yesterday is that my back was completely fine! I woke up without any pain or discomfort, put in my workout, and had no pain or discomfort in the afternoon. I hoping that it was a muscular thing and not something more serious, but right now it's feeling pretty good.

I'm not travelling for the next couple or three weeks, so I should be back on track with the training plan. I am also about to start a new marathon training cycle with Cal Coast. I guess I need to decide which marathon I'm going to train for....

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