Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well - I meant to run each day while on vacation here on the East Coast, but I haven't been able to with all else going on. Oh well - I'm not going to sweat it!

What I've been doing has been attending the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catherines Ontario. Yeah that's right - up in Canada. My youngest son rows a single, and was in a couple of races here. I'm going to post my stories that have been going back home and have been posted over at here as well.

I thought I would have time to run each day, but we've pretty much been on the go almost the entire time here:

Sun 8/3: Fly LAX to PHL to Buffalo NY. Pick up car in Buffalo and drive over to Niagara Falls. We got to LAX at 4:30 AM, and got to Niagara a little after 11 PM.

Monday through Thursday: Stay in Niagara Falls, Ontario and commute back and forth to St. Catherines Ontario (about a 10 minute drive). Also, I had to spend some time working (able to do so remotely).

Friday 8/8: Drive from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario. Traffic was horrible through Toronto! Leave Niagara about Noon, get into Ottawa about 6:30 PM.

Saturday 8/9: Do some sightseeing around Ottawa (capital of Canada) then drive to Philadelphia for Cheesesteaks. Turn in rental car.

Sunday through Tuesday: Independence Mall, Rocky steps in Philadelphia. Train to NYC. Sightsee around NYC.

Tuesday: Spend our last day in NYC. Move to hotel at Newark airport late.

Wednesday 8/13: Fly home!


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