Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Run Saturday

Yesterday's run felt pretty good. After taking a day off, I woke up refreshed (especially after getting to bed at 9:30 Friday night), donned my running gear and went over to CDM to meet with the group for our normal Saturday run. There are a bunch of new runners joining the club (Coach had a special on membership that expired on Thursday), so our numbers have swollen.

The run was a nice Lower Back Bay out and back. My Higdon training plan called for 6 miles at LSD pace. But, at the halfway point I was feeling pretty good, and since I put the kabosh on yesterday's speedwork session, I decided to go the extra two that was on the plan for all the half marathoner's. I ended up doing an eight mile at slightly faster than LSD (10:17 instead of 10:40).

So, after three weeks on this Higdon training plan, I am feeling pretty good. My times seem to be getting better and my fitness (at least to this layman) appears to be getting better. Today I was even able to continue jogging up the hill on the last mile of the Lower Back Bay trail - something that I had never done on long runs before today.

I am now off for the next week and a half on a mini-vacation. My youngest son (the rower) is in a regatta in St. Catherines, Ontario. So, my older son and I are tagging along. We will be staying one week in Niagara Falls, Ontario, followed by a day in Ottawa, Philadelphia and two days in New York City. I am planning on following my training plan at each of these spots - even if it is just a treadmill session. I'll be providing some reports (sorry - no pics) as I melt in the heat and humidity.

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