Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation - Day ??

Well, this vacation is winding down. We're tired. We're out of clean clothes and my camera is out of batteries. In short, we are ready for home.

Today, we got a late start (around 11 AM). We checked out of the hotel and grabbed a bagel. The Jonas Brothers were still around, so we had to make our way through the throngs outside of MTV.

We grabbed the #3 train and went down to Chamber St. We walked around Ground Zero. There is a *ton* of construction in the area, but there no where to really get a look at anything. We continued down to Wall St. Since 9/11, all of the stock brokerages are closed to the public, so there was no way that we could get in for a tour. Hmmph.

From Wall St., we walked down to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty out on Ellis Island.

Next was what we missed yesterday - pizza in the Village. We made our way to John's Pizzeria on Bleecker (in most surveys, #1 pizza in New York City) for some original New York pizza to draw our visit to New York to a close. We caught a cab back to the hotel, got our bags, and made it to Newark, where we are spending our last night.

Newark is not without surprises though! Tonight we were looking for somewhere to go for dinner. There was a card on the desk for a restaurant called Spanish Tavern, and they supply a shuttle. So I called them, and we went over for dinner. I had the *best* seafood Paella tonight! Wow!

Well, we are off to home tomorrow. And looking forward to it!

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