Friday, August 29, 2008

Three Mile Thursday (Sorry having trouble coming up with new titles)

Yesterday was an easy three miles. Went over to Crystal Cove for the weather and the view. It seems that the trails there are *never* crowded. There are no cars. The bikes want to stay on Pacific Coast Highway. There is the occasional runner or family going down to the sand to deal with, but it's a lot nicer than the Back Bay trail. Too bad the trail isn't longer - the max run that can be done here is 5 miles. And that's if you park over in the adjoining neighborhood.

Today is a five miler. Ol' Hal wants me to push it a little - so I'm going to try to push it down toward the bottom of the steady state range according to McMillan - down around 9:45. Saturday and Sunday will be rest days in preparation for Monday's race. I can actually use some rest - my legs and hips are a little sore from this week, even though the mileage is down. There were three days I pushed the pace. The good news is yesterday's easy run really was easy and had an opening mile pace of 9:16 - at a heart rate of about 130! Looks like I'm making progress.

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