Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation - Day 3

The third day of vacation was a working day for me. I headed back to Buffalo for a meeting with Erie County.

There are a number of bridges over the border from Buffalo. The bridge closest to Buffalo is the Peace Bridge, accessible from downtown Buffalo. This bridge drops you into Fort Erie, where there is an easy drive from the crossing to Niagara Falls. The bridge closest to the Falls is the Rainbow Bridge, which is within view of the Falls. Trucks are not allowed over this bridge and because of its proximity to Niagara, this is the busiest of the bridges. The third bridge is north of Buffalo by about 20 minutes at Lewiston. I headed over the Peace Bridge, got to my meeting, and went back over the Rainbow Bridge later that afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon gave us a little weather too - afternoon thunderstorms were keeping things wet and rowers out of the water in the afternoon! Little did we know what that would bring in the next couple of days.

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