Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Push the Pace a Little

Yesterday's plan was an easy three miles. The original training plan called for a 5K on Sunday, but since I couldn't find a race within a reasonable distance from home that looked inviting, I modified the schedule a bit to have normal training runs instead of a race. So, instead of doing a post race easy 3 miles, I decided I would push the pace a little. Bottom line was a 3 miler at an average pace of 9:36, with a final mile at 9:06. This isn't too bad, since I did the run to the south of the NAC, which means there were a couple of hills to climb along the run. I hit up the weight room when I was done running to do some stretching and core exercises.

I'm also starting to get a little excited about my race on Monday - to the Top of Baldy. I'm going to try to finish in 2 hours. What makes me nervous about this is I know that the final half mile is a real tough stretch of trail - lots of switchbacks at altitude. My plan right now is to power walk and/or jog where possible, and then see where I am as I get closer to the top!

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