Thursday, June 17, 2010

Man Am I Sore!

Three days in a row. I’m still skeptical that my brain isn’t going to cramp and decide the TV is a better option next week, but hey – I’ll take it while it’s here.

Oh the soreness? Not from the four miles last night. But from the resistance workout. No weights. No machines. Just me and my body. To tell you the awesome shape I’m in, just holding my body up for some side planks has resulted in sore arms. Yikes! No wonder I need to do these things.

Final stats for last night – four miles on the lower Back Bay. Average pace 9:45. Average heart rate 77% of max. And then a bunch of resistance exercises. A bunch. Took more time than the run….

Normally today is a trail run day – but with my looming trail race on Saturday, I think I’ll lace up the road shoes and put in a nice slow and easy seven miles on a paved trail.

ETP Day 3

  • Training budget: +/- 0 miles
  • Calorie budget: -539 calories


  1. Hope you have a nice, relaxing trail run today, Glenn!

    I'm in withdrawal after missing my trail run this week.

  2. You're a freakin' rockstar. You are having such a good workout week! You're on a roll, let's keep the momentum going!

  3. Those planks will get you ever time! I remember when i did them after for the first time in a while, my whole ab area was sore.

    hope you have a good weekend Glenn and good luck in the race! And Happy Father's day!

  4. Hope you have a great day today! You are doing great this week!!

  5. Good idea about saving something for the trail race...hope you have a great one and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Planks are tough! Have fun on the trail race!

  7. -539? Loading up for Saturday's uphill, that'll use 'em up!!

    Good luck, have fun, see you after!

  8. Way to go Glenn! Nice job on your crazy workouts:) Planks are so hard and I feel for you! You should go and get a massage:)

  9. Hope you have a good trail race on Saturday. I guess its time for more planks for you or whatever. I like doing one armed curls with doughnuts. That doesn't seem to work out much in the end though. Have fun on your road run today, nice and easy.