Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Plan is Good

The only thing that seems to be suffering is The Execution. With last weekend’s fun and games, what should have been a mid to upper 30 mile week became 19 instead. I’m happy that this time around I don’t have a goal race. I don’t need to worry about speed/fitness level etc. It’s kind of nice to not *have* to worry about where I am in my fitness. I understand that I may not have any PR races in the upcoming few months. It’s nice to just be running for the fun of running. The only thing suffering right now is my weight – but that’s a matter of adjusting my intake appropriately (hasn’t happened yet).

I’m patching a plan together for this week. It will deviate from the plan on my original schedule, but that’s becuase I ran 13.5 on Monday and have a race on Sunday. Here’s the way this week will shape up:

  • Monday: Laguna Hills Half Marathon. 13 miles.
  • Tuesday: Recovery day. Rest.
  • Wednesday: 3 easy miles. Resistance workout of two sets each: Single leg squat, oblique bridge, lying draw-in w/ hip flexion, quadruped, followed by one set each: Lying Hip Abduction, Cook Hip Lift, Kneeling Overhead Draw In, Knee Fall Out, Single Leg Squat Jump
  • Thursday: 7 easy miles.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: RnR expo! Tweetup! Fun times!
  • Sunday: RnR relay. I have 7 miles on my (first) leg. Then I’m hoofing it to the finish to cheer my fellow runners on their way in. Who’s running?
  • Puts me right around 30 miles for the week.

As an aside, remember the story I posted about the bobcat in the neighborhood? Guess what happened this past week? Here’s a picture taken yesterday:


Story here:,0,6487829.story Hopefully they won't be injured by *their* biggest threat - the two legged and for wheeled kind.


  1. its so nice to just run for fun sometimes :)

    have a great time in SD!!!

  2. have fun this weekend! i can't believe the cats showed up - the irony!

  3. Wow that is a great pic of the bobcats and look at the cubs (are they called cubs?)!

    I am planning to run tomorrow but not sure how much considering I am running the marathon on Sunday and did the Half this past Monday. This has never happened to me before so maybe I will just go out and jog around.

  4. You have been having some great workouts, kudos to you! Cool bobcat story and the picture is amazing!

  5. Back to back races, you are on a roll Glen!

  6. Holy crap, bobcats!

    Good luck on Sunday!

  7. You have to let me know when you get here. We're going to the EXPO on Friday, but I'd make another trip down to the convention center!

    Can't wait! Can't wait!

  8. Oh my! Looks like the family was out for a stroll.

  9. what neighborhood is that? Amazing pic.

  10. I didn't click on the story because I didn't want to know if something bad happened to the bobcat and her babies. So cute, the little family. ;)

  11. Hope you are rested, recovered and ready for the relay this weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  12. What corral are you in? I'll be in 17. I'm going to the expo on Friday.

  13. I am running the full and will be in corral 3. I plan on getting to the expo Sat. when it opens.

  14. Hi Glenn,
    I hope that you have a great race weekend!

    Wow, what a great picture of the cute little bobcat family:) Those little ones are adorable!

  15. my "whatever" training is some of my favorite... i don't put any pressure on myself like i used to when i was "seriously" training. of course it has it's downsides too... in that i slack off a lot more :)

    have fun in the relay!

  16. Went to the expo yesterday - it was a really good one. One of the best RnR expos so far.

    I'll be looking for you amongst the 30k people :)