Monday, June 14, 2010

Taking a Mulligan

Maybe racing twice in one week was too much for my delicate psyche. Maybe it was the dang English goaltender Robert Green allowing Team U.S.A. to stay close. Maybe it was the Lakers needing to put the hurt on the Celtics. Whatever it was, I need to take a mulligan for last week. Grand total – 10 (count’em 10) miles. FML.

One thing for sure – if I’m going to get a long run in I *have* to do it in the morning before everyone gets up. Otherwise, running just does not have the priority in life that ensures it will occur. Especially on a weekend.

As a result of my mulligan, I’m going to take last week’s plan and move it over to this week:

  • Monday: Erg 4 miles.
  • Tuesday: Hill with Cal Coast (around 5 miles)
  • Wednesday: 3 easy miles. Resistance workout consisting of three sets each: Single leg squat, oblique bridge, lying draw-in w/ hip flexion, quadruped; Two sets each: Single Leg Squat Jump
  • Thursday: 7 easy miles.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 13 miles. One hill. Billy Goat’s 1/2 Marathon Hill Climb. Yikes!
  • Sunday: 7 miles at race pace. Resistance workout consisting of three sets each: Single leg squat, oblique bridge, lying draw-in w/ hip flexion, quadruped; Two sets each: Single Leg Squat Jump
  • Total: 39 miles.

Now to Just Do It…..


  1. I totally hear you - if I don't get my workout in in the morning, the probability of me getting out and doing it decreases exponentially! Stuff just comes up, right? Good luck getting your runs in!

  2. Yep, the early morning runs totally dominate, I like to tell myself that the air in the area is MUCH cleaner to...

  3. "Just Do It" as Nike says :).
    Don't ya wish we were some sponsored runners so we could just run as part of our jobs so other obstacles didn't get in the way!!?? You'll get in the workouts now that you realize what it takes. :)

    Still mulling over SF. Going to see how this week progresses with the heel. Maybe they'd let me switch to the half??

    Have a great week, Glenn! Get those workouts in!! :)

  4. Glenn: Where and what time is the hill workout with CC tmr?

  5. I LOVE an afternoon workout/run, but too often life gets in the way (why can't I have a live-in chef who would fix dinner every night?...sigh), so for the summer, I'll probably be switching over to am runs (which sounds kinda funny, doesn't it?)

    Love to see the strength training in there. It'll really help with the hills!

  6. Ahh, moving the plans around huh? Sounds like the advise you gave me about 6 months ago man. Way to get out there and kick ass, but I guess you better get out early for those long runs. Best of success with that one. Cheers. Oh....and ha, the word verification - in the boots. lol

  7. Well, I am not sure about your reaction with the English goalie. Sorry, as you know, I am not a Laker fan growing up a Seattle Sonics fan (yeah I know - at least you still have a team). Yet, since Nate Robinson is a former UW Husky and Ray Allen a former Sonic - Celtics!

    I followed my in house/family Doc's advice and take a vacation from running after SD RR. So far - I am liking the results. Yet, I am ready to lace them up again and start kickin!

  8. I agree - on the weekends if i dont get up and run, sometimes it doesnt happen! Its hard to get away and run in the middle of the day!

  9. Glenn, cut yourself some slack! you've been on the go not even taking a break after LA! Good luck this week but remember, sometimes a body needs a break!

  10. I say, keep it up. You're on a roll. Get out there. You're going to have to be a billy goat this weekend and you don't want to choke. Enjoy it though, that's the main thing!

  11. Do over! Morning running is almost the only way to go for me.

  12. We all need a mulligan every now and then.

    I'm like you... if I don't go out before everyone wakes up, I am toast. If I do get out at all, it is usually for a shorter run than I had planned.

  13. Oh how I feel you're pain. I was in a similar rut not long ago as mentioned before. I'm still not totally out of it, but doing better. Pretty sure I had a 4-mile week once :) and I can't blame it on race-recovery.

    Hang in there. I'm thinking while your brain says (on paper) yeah let's run 30-40mpw, maybe you should cut yourself some slack for a few weeks and "only" put 20-25mi on the schedule. Of course you can always add miles on and then it'll feel like an achievement instead of a "failure".

    I'm also the same... If I don't run in the AM on the weekend I feel guilty doing it later.