Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Company for a Change

I enjoyed my Friday rest day. I was feeling pretty fatigued, and my body was pretty sore after Wednesday’s resistance workout and a Thursday trail run/walk in El Moro. On Thursday I had some company for a change! My son and niece joined me (it took some arm twisting on my part), so instead of sticking to the wider fire roads (which I do when running alone for safety), we dropped down into Emerald Canyon and Emerald Falls, before hoofing it back up the relatively steep hills back to Bommer Ridge.

Running Bommer Ridge-El Moro 6-24-2010, Elevation - Distance

It was a nice evening in the canyons. The only problem was the fact that I had to eat dust behind a couple of young rabbits all evening. Yikes!

ETP Day 10 (Wednesday): Ran four miles. Calorie budget – 2012 BMR plus 652 exercise allowance for a total of 2664 calories. Total consumed 2335 for a deficit of 328 calories.

ETP Day 11 (Thursday): Ran 6.1 miles – 1.9 less than plan (had to compromise to get the two young’uns to come along). Calorie budget was 2012 BMR plus 1014 exercise allowance. Total eaten 3120 for a surplus of 95.

ETP Day 12 (Friday): Scheduled rest day. Calorie budget of 2012 was exceeded by 328. Damn that slice of Banana Cream pie!

  • Training variance week to date: 1 mile under plan
  • Calorie budget variance week to date: 19 calories over plan.


  1. Something tells me you kept up with the younger folks just fine.

  2. 19 calories isn't much, no fret! That's so cool your son went with you for the run...hope his arm isn't broken ;). 4 weeks to SF...

  3. Kamikaze Banana Creme pie!

    Mouth at 12 oclock, banzai!

  4. That's awesome that your son and niece joined you! I'm loving reading about all these family runs. I think the only way I could trick my sisters into running with me would be if it was a race through a mall with deep discounts on designer clothing and accessories at the end. And you know they would do it in their heels! LOL

  5. Nice to mix it up a bit with the workout, a spontaneous change, a little company.

    Since it's still been so cool, I'll hit the SM Mtns this week.

  6. Sounds like you enjoyed the company, even if they were rabbits. Sometimes the rabbits tend to push us a little bit! I'm sure the banana cream pie was worth every bite, yum!

  7. remind me never to roll into town and run with you... i would've begged for the fire roads!