Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Week

With my fragile running psyche apparently on the mend, I am eager to get on with this week’s training schedule while it thinks that everything is good to go:

  • Monday: Row 4 miles.
  • Tuesday: 5 mile hill workout with Cal Coast.
  • Wednesday: Easy 4 miles. Resistance workout of 2 sets each of single leg squat, oblique bridge, lying draw in, quadruped, split squat jump and 1 set each of box lunge, stability ball leg curl, forearms to palm bridge, dead bug(looks like some new exercises to check out).
  • Thursday: 8 mile easy run.
  • Friday: Rest.
  • Saturday: 16 mile long run.
  • Sunday: 8 miles at race pace. Resistance workout of 2 sets each of single leg squat, oblique bridge, lying draw in, quadruped, single leg box jump and 1 set each of box lunge, stability ball leg curl, forearms to palm bridge, dead bug
  • Total mileage: 45 or thereabouts

ETP Day 8 (Monday): Hopped on the ergometer for 7 kms (4.34 miles), .34 miles over plan. Calorie wise – BMR of 1992 (program must be increasing based on higher activity level) plus 597 for exercise for a total of 2589 allowed. 2724 consumed, so over by 134 calories.

ETP Day 9 (Tuesday): Workout with Cal Coast in Shady Canyon. 5.6 miles (0.6 over plan) at an average pace of 10:06 (although middle 12 minutes done at 8:00 pace). Got heart rate above 90% of max for only 4 minutes this week, but ran at an overall faster pace. Food budget shows 2012 for BMR plus 896 for exercise. I ate 2697, which resulted in a deficit of 210 calories.

  • Training variance week to date: + 0.9 miles
  • Calorie variance week to date: – 76 calories

On plan today – four easy miles followed by a resistance workout.


  1. I'm happy to hear your fragile psyche is on the mend, Glenn.

    Have a great 4 mile run today!

  2. Hey! I just saw that you have a 30k coming up before the half in SF, that's crazy. No wonder you're doing 16 this weekend and going hill crazy. I don't think you really have a fragile psyche at're just crazy for running...

  3. Dude... I got exhausted just reading this post. Haha! Sounds like you're doing awesome mentally and physically. Keep it up and good luck with the gameplan!

  4. What a busy week you have! Keep up the outstanding work!

  5. Busy week for you!! I love your attitude, keep it up. Take care of that psyche

  6. Hahaha..lots of questions from you! I love it!

    To be honest, since I just started with Snail's, I am not too sure about their long runs. I work with someone who trains with them, which is how I came to know of them. He added me on to an email list and I get an email during the week on when/where the long runs will be (changes every week). Hahaha, that sounds like something shady. They run Sat and Sun. I've only ran with them once at the Back Bay on the long. Sometimes they run at Tustin, sometimes in Aliso, Back Bay, Moro. Those guys are into sports, maybe right up your alley.

    The coach is full of info and will talk your ears off if you have the time. He could probably put something together for you if you asked. Yeah he was telling me stuff about marathon training that I've never heard of before, but made sense. Like I said, he is full of info.

    You can come and talk to him on tuesdays at the OCC track at 6pm if you want to know more. They warm up at 6pm and start the track workouts at 6:30pm. You have to pay $1 for the parking as I found out. I'll be there next week.

  7. Oops, realized I forgot to answer your other question. So coach said that I should try to run somewhere around 60-70 miles/week while training for a marathon. This seems alot to me so I will have to build up to what I am comfortable with. Probably lots of experimenting for me in the next few weeks.

    He also said that I should train for long runs based on time and not just milages. For example, if I want to run a 3:40 marathon, I should run at least that long on my longest training runs. He told me that was the reason why I always fade after mile 20. Makes sense to me.

  8. Busy week up ahead but you will do it!