Thursday, June 3, 2010

National Running Day?

Hmm. At least Hallmark hasn’t found out about our little secret. Yet.

I tried out a new route yesterday for my planned 3 miler. I’m looking for a trail route that connects where I live to El Moro/Bommer Ridge. I thought I had spied a route along the freeway starting in close by Bonita Canyon. I headed up (figuratively *and* literally) the trail, but had my hopes dashed about a mile later when I ran into a locked gate. Dang! I made my way up the use trails through the used to be city dump now home to million dollar homes and finally poked out about a mile from home. Snap! Back to the drawing board.

Running San Diego Creek Trail 6-2-2010

Final stats on the run – 3.3 miles at an average pace of 10:37. Check out the little blip of a hill right at the turnaround point:

Running San Diego Creek Trail 6-2-2010, Elevation - Distance

On another running note, I’ve settled on my summer racing calendar. Which is a little unique, because for the most part racing shuts down in the summer in Southern California. Despite our great winter weather, Southern California really is a desert climate. It can get pretty hot here in the summer, with temperatures easily in the 90’s and above. As a result, most recreational racing shuts down during June and July, with only a few uber popular races going (AFC Half Marathon for example).

So, I’m heading up into the hills (where’s it’s just as hot) for trail racing in late June and early July:

  • June 19: Billy Goat's 1/2 Marathon Hill Climb – Six and a half miles and 2400 vertical feet up, then six and a half miles and 2400 vertical feet down on a single lane Jeep trail in the Santa Ana Mts. Sounds like fun?
  • July 10: Harding Hustle 30K Trail Race – 15km (9 miles) and 4500 vertical feet up, followed by 15 km (9 miles) and 4500 vertical feet down on a single lane Jeep trail (different one) in the Santa Ana Mts. And we’re required to carry 40 oz of water. Sounds like fun?

Then in late July, I’ll finish the California Dreaming Series:

  • July 25: San Francisco Marathon – No I haven’t lost my mind. I’m only doing the half. The first half at that  - over the Golden Gate Bridge. And I’m doing it primarily for the jacket, cool bling, and time with friends. Plus it’s in San Francisco where it never gets above 60 degrees. Well almost never.

Penny modeling the California Dreaming bling after Surf City:

4340319613_8b92c1abcb_bSo there you go. I’ll make sure to post the address of the asylum that I’ll be committed to on July 26th….


  1. can you get bolt cutters to fit on your fuel belt somehow?

  2. I'm heading to the high country for some relief, too, and hey, I'll be at San Fran doing the marathon (for training, NOT to race it!!) so let's try to hook up and say hi!!!!

  3. I think you will really enjoy the SF first half. It is an experience and SF is just a fun place to visit.

  4. Have fun in SF - that is so funny you are doing it for the bling and the swag - I totally get it! :)

  5. These runs where you explore possible new routes can be the best or as in this case very frustrating. But you learnt from it!

  6. I hiked a mountain like that on Monday and my calves are still complaining about it (hmmmm a week before a race? was that an error?)

    I'll be doing the SF 1st 1/2 with the herd as well. It'll be the second of the CalDreamin' series for us. We'll finish with LB in October.

    Love the bling! Penny was a vision in blue that day!

  7. In celebration of National Running Day I too missed a turn an extended an already long run by almost 2 more miles. Instead of doing 9.50 miles I ended up doing 11.33. Oucha! I totally wasn't ready for that and I'm still celebrating today with Advil and ice packs to the quads. Good luck with your summer race schedule!

  8. We're off to SF to do the half too! By then we'll have met(since I'm going to stalk you down on Sunday)and we'll be fast friends...not that we aren't already after what seems like, years of blogging!
    You other races sound fun too, especially the goat race. Anything involving hoofed animals sounds tough! See you soon, I'll be the one with 9 normal toe nails!

  9. Hard to connect the canyons in Pacific Palisades, too. It's all out and back, can't make a loop.

    Fun races coming up, good job!!

  10. omg that map photo cracks me UP! Looks like you have a busy summer. again you're obsession w/the trails baffles my little brain. :)

  11. I am running SF for the bling as well. I have lost my mind - I am doing the full marathon. After SD I have to starting driving out to Chino Hills so I can I can get some hillwork under my belt.

    It should be interesting - to save money I will be staying at my sister-in-law's in Stockton!

  12. I loved the diagram of where you were and where you wanted to be. That cracked me up.

    I'm hoping San Francisco stays nice and cool, too.

  13. i'd die on your hills. i think you should refer to them as mountains...