Monday, June 28, 2010

For the First Time Since March

I’m pretty sure for the first time since March I put in a whole weekend of running per the plan.

ETP Day 13 (Saturday): 16 miles around the lower Back Bay. I successfully kept my pace in my long run range. Everything was fine right up through about mile 14. At that point the humidity started conspiring against me and I wilted pretty quickly once the sun started breaking through the marine layer. I toughed it out though and completed on target.

Calorie wise – BMR of 2012 plus exercise allowance of 2280 for a total of 4292 calories. Total consumed of 3818 for a deficit of 474 calories.

ETP Day 14 (Sunday): Things got a little interesting here. I woke up absolutely *exhausted* from Saturday’s run. Muscles that I didn’t even know about were sore. I wanted to hit at least 40 miles for the week, so I needed to put in at least 4 miles. It was also our monthly Trailheadz meeting*, so I rolled out of bed and headed up to Ridge Park. I decided to keep it easy on my body and stick to the ridge tops (reducing the amount of hill climbing) and to go out 2 miles, see how I felt, and then decide whether to finish the 2 additional miles. Long story short, 2 miles became 3 miles became 4 miles before I turned and headed back to the trailhead. Eight miles in the books.

Calories – 2012 BMR plus exercise allowance of 1204. Total consumed 0f 3140 for a deficit of 75.

  • Training variance week to date: 1 mile less than plan. Total mileage for the week: 44.
  • Calorie variance week to date: 530 less than plan. Should equate to about a pound of weight lost. I will be up on the scale this evening to check.

* And it’s a good thing I went! I ended up winning a some sweet socks during the raffle!


  1. ::high fives Glenn:: Congratulations on keeping to the plan!

    Not that I ever truly felt like you were slacking.

    And that's awesome that you won some socks.

  2. What program are you using to tally the calories?

    That's a lot of activity, Glenn! I got tired just reading! Seriously, nice job.

  3. Excellent running, Glenn! Always feels good, doesn't it, to live up to our expectations of ourselves. Haha. I'm with Irene, what program are you using to monitor your calories? Do you also monitor your carbs/fat/protein? I use fitday now and then and I like the charts it gives me cuz I'm such a visual person and like to know when I need more protein, cuz that's where I tend to get lazy.

  4. That's an awesome week Glenn! WTG!

  5. Sunday's run gives credence to the theory that bonking is completely mental! Way to push through.

  6. 530 calories less than plan = 1lb weight loss?

    Have you considered putting the scale away for a few months and just judging your studliness on how your pants fit?

    Good going on the high mileage!!

  7. Way to go Glenn! You are back on track!! Yippie!!

  8. Congrats on the socks! also the miles.

  9. do u guys ever have open trailheadz runs? I'd love to check one out....

  10. That's alotta miles Glenn! I'm exhausted reading about it.

  11. Hi Glenn,
    You did awesome with your long run...way to keep up your goal pace:) The humidity is something that I will never get used to running in! Have a great week:)

  12. Glenn, great job on completing that 4....errr 8 miler to rack up the miles. Thanks for your advise on my blog, as I recalibrated and have a good pace structure now. Your long run made me think of that. I love the whole calorie deficit thing that you are doing. I am still working on that myself. The first 50 pounds was easy. I keep going between 190 and 200 like a yo yo. Maybe I should start keeping track. Thanks.