Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Week Wrapped Up

Okay - I know I'm in the middle of this training cycle. I'm not sure what week this is. Too many weeks finished. Too many weeks to go. Kind of like being a sophomore in college. You know you've finished your first year. You know there's light at the end of the tunnel. It's just that the past is a memory, and you can't quite see the light yet. That's what I feel like right now. I have some little tweaks and niggles all around. Sore legs. Tired quads. Tender IT band.

But, another week is done. I wrapped up with an easy 8 miles yesterday. Put in a total of 26 plus miles last week. With 2 days left this month I'm just over 130 miles. This is more like the training load I want. I want to hold it here now for a few months and give my body ample time to adjust and adapt. I feel like I'm right on the edge. If I add more, I'm afraid that I'll push myself over the edge and end up on the shelf again with another injury.

Planned for this week:

Monday - 4 miles easy; visit the gym for stretching and core work
Tuesday - Intervals - whatever the interval gods have in store (should be around 6.5 miles)
Wednesday - 4 miles recovery; visit the gym for stretching and core work
Thursday - Tempo Thursday! 50 minute tempo run (should be around 5 miles or so)
Friday - Scheduled rest day (woot!)
Saturday - 12 mile long run
Sunday - 4 mile recovery; visit the gym for stretching and core work

Total damage planned for this week - 35.5 miles.


  1. Nice job! :) over 130 miles is much better than I'm doing. Great work Glenn!

  2. Hey watch it, big guy, you're starting to rival my monthly mileage! Great job.

  3. nice job on the week. you've made a solid, slow (but smart!) build up to a strong weekly mileage. hope it continues to pay off for you!

  4. You may be in the weeds, but based on your previous race post, the schedule and all that running reading is paying off. Nice work in La Habra this weekend!