Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Days You Have It

And some days you don't. That was yesterday. After putting together a string of nice, quality training runs, yesterday was a different story. I'm okay with it though. I've been doing this long enough now that I understand that these things happen. That's why they call it "training".

The plan was eight miles at aerobic pace. Things started well enough. In fact, the first six miles went well. During mile seven though, I just ran out of gas. I was sore. My hips and calves were bothering me (time for new shoes?). Then, my heart rate started climbing. Up and up and up. I had to slow and slow and slow to keep it within range. All of a sudden those nine minute miles became 10:30 and slower. I wrapped up the final mile (mile 8) in a mind numbing 10:47. All to keep my heart rate aerobic. Workout done. Heart rate a little higher than I normally would see it for this type of run (83% of max). And a little sorer (more sore?) that I normally am after a GA run too. Hmm.

On tap today - a short four mile recovery run. I'll hit up the gym afterwards for some stretching and core work.


  1. Gah! That sounds like me. Last week.

  2. I've been blah this week. Maybe we both need to recharge more than the Garmin.