Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back Home from the Upper Midwest

I'm back in town after my whirlwind trip to Southwest Michigan. I didn't get a chance to run or anything - flew in late Sunday and flew back about noon yesterday. Not that I would have anyways. The winds were howling. I'm not talking a stiff headwind like we see here near the coast in the afternoon. I'm talking stiff, cold 20 mile an hour Easterly winds. Made the nice sunny mid 40 degrees seem soooo much colder.

I'm moving forward on week 7 of this training cycle. I have a 10K race this Saturday, so I think I'm going to swap out intervals tonight for a regular run - something on the order of 8 miles or so:

Monday - Off (travelling)
Tuesday - Eight easy miles
Wednesday - Four recovery. Gym for stretching, core
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 10K race
Sunday - Eight easy miles

That will put me at 26.2 for the week. Considering 6.2 will be a race, I think that should be good enough. Next week I ramp back up into the mid 30's for a few weeks until tapering for my race on May 3rd!


  1. We have a 10K on Sunday too.

    Maybe you need a stiff drink!!!

  2. well i certainly don't blame you! what is it about traveling that wears you out so much? i don't get it.

    hope this week has been going well and perhaps a little more on track!