Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready for Rest

I wasn't quite sure what yesterday had in store for me. I knew I had a 45 minute tempo run on the schedule. But, I've been physically tired all week and I have a bunch of little "niggles" (nothing that is an "injury", but lots of little aches, pains and fatigue). So I wasn't sure just how fast I was going to get my legs turning.

Once I got going, I found myself moving pretty well - all things considered. At the half way point (22:30 into the run), I turned around right at the 2.5 mile point. By this time I was really starting to suck wind, and I really had to put my head down and push back to the car. I was fighting headwinds. I was fighting fatigue. When I hit the 35 minute point, I was spent. With a 10 minute warm down and a little more than a mile left, I wasn't sure whether I would hit the magical five mile mark. One thing was for sure - based on the way my legs were feeling I definitely passed through lactate threshold!

Bottom line was I made five miles. Another first for me. I passed through 90% MHR for a few minutes doing it though. Oh well. This all has me looking forward to my next 10K - right now I'm running as well as I was the last time I PR'd at that distance. Of course, I'm also running as well as I was before I hurt myself running in a downpour. Now time for a rest day!

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  1. Outstanding that you pushed through. Now have yourself a nice rest day!