Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four Mile Monday

Well - just another boring Monday. Meh. Four easy miles. Let's see - what boring place should I go to to do this? Around one of the last pristine estuaries in California where I can watch the migratory birds as they stop along their flight back north? Along a creek where birds and wildlife abound (one of my running friends recently saw a bobcat crossing the trail)? Along a bluff overlooking tide pools and the shores of the Pacific? My point is I really tend to take for granted where I live. I'm lucky enough to do a fair amount of travelling around the U.S., and it's hard to beat what I have here. Some places may tie. Some come close. But nowhere have I found the combination of weather, natural beauty and convenience that we have here in Southern California. And before you lecture me on traffic - ever been to San Francisco? Chicago? New York? Even San Diego.

I'm not trying to rub anything in. It just occurred to me yesterday as I was leaving for my run that I really shouldn't be complaining about living and running here. All of the above is less than a five minute drive from home. And I still complain. Sigh.

Oh yeah - yesterday's run? Four easy general aerobic miles. Average pace of 9:48 with an average heart rate of 80% of max.

Today is Tuesday - so that means intervals! Bring 'em on!


  1. I'm with ya. Love where I live. 70's + sunshine. What's to complain about?

  2. Nice.

    I'm from the San Fernando Valley, and I miss it terribly...although in Northern CA, it's going to be 74 today, too!