Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little sore this morning

Yesterday was interval day with my club. After the last couple of Tuesdays, yesterday sounded pretty easy - 10 X 400 with 3 minutes rest. But, as I found out, the issue with running with a group are the paces that everyone else runs at. I was really dragging by number 8, but I finished all 10. Brought up the rear at 1:40s and 1:50s but finished. A little tired and sore this morning, but none the worse for wear.

I was looking forward to my Garmin data, but it appears it had a bit of a hiccup after the third interval. Okay okay. Pilot error after interval 3 (turned the Garmin off while running and on while resting for a couple of 400s), so my data is suspect. I still put in over 8 minutes at heart rates above 90% of max. At one point I hit 182 bpm on a short little 400!

I am soooo looking forward to my recovery run today.


  1. The distance girls on my track team did 10x400m repeats! Great job on finishing them. I don't know if I could do 10 400s!!

  2. wow. wtg. I hate those interval thingys.