Friday, March 13, 2009

Tempo Thursday (Again)

I've got to admit - I'm starting to suffer from some burnout here. Or maybe it's just I'm physically tired and would rather lie around and watch TV. Whichever it is (and yes - it's the latter) - I was perfectly content to lay around the house yesterday evening and watch whatever was on TV. I knew I had a tempo run on the plan, but I was physically and mentally beat. It was *very* difficult to talk myself into getting up off the couch and out the door. So eventually (about 5:30 PM - that's right folks - PM not AM) I forced myself into my car. A little more driving around to decide where I was going to pull this off (what a way to justify further procrastination) and I found myself in the Back Bay for this quick workout.

I was apprehensive - my legs have been feeling really burned the past couple of days. Also, ever since my track workout on Tuesday evening, I've been hungry. I mean to the point where anything that is within arms reach might get inhaled. I am trying to lose some more weight , so the upshot is I'm feeling a little weak and hungry. The combination of those two things does not always bode well when it comes to a tough workout. But, I put my head down and my iPod on and did the best I could. Well, maybe I could have done a little better. But, the bottom line was I finished. 4.9 miles in 45 minutes. I ended up with my heart rate right at 88% of max as I started my 10 minute warm down - so I think my objectives were met. Whew!

Today is my scheduled rest day. And I need it.....


  1. some days you have to just veg out, I can understand that....good job on getting the run in despite not being in the mood

  2. So, tell me if I've got this correctly - you're doing the PCRF instead of OC because of the new course and new organization. Should I be concerned? Hmmm...

  3. Sometimes running -- and doing a hard run at that -- is the perfect way to reverse a slump. This is why I don't run in evenings...I can too easily get sucked into a TV show instead. Good for you for resisting the urge.

  4. hey at least you were able to get yourself out there. sometimes you do need a day (or a few) to veg out, so don't feel too bad! it takes a lot to push yourself out the door on days like this so extra nice job :) i'm sure you and your legs enjoyed the rest day.