Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Milestone Monday

As mentioned last week, some of these blogs are going to get really boring. Especially Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays when I'm putting in aerobic miles. Easy four miles. Recovery run. Yawn. Sometimes that's the way I feel.

Then of course, it can be like yesterday's run. The plan was an easy four miler. "Easy" means heart rate between 75% and 85% of max. These days those runs are taking less and less time. I'm going to pat myself on the back. I remember not so long ago when I thought that 9:00 for a training pace was a pipe dream. Yesterday I averaged a 9:03 pace over 4 miles. I'm there - not even two years after starting. It's these small accomplishments that I need to remember when I have to force myself out the door for another boring run.

Final stats yesterday - 4 miles at average heart rate 82% of max at an average pace of 9:03. I didn't make it to the gym though. This weekend is SAT Saturday. My youngest will be taking them so we spent some time in Math review mode last night. I know he's going to do well.

Tonight -intervals with Cal Coast!


  1. i feel the same sometimes with my runs & blogs... same ol' same ol'. you'll be surprised at some of the random things you'll find to talk about! some days those easy recovery runs are great and enjoyable runs.

  2. Hey, this isn't boring. But then, I like watching paint dry. Just kidding (I'm a smart ass sometimes)! Seriously, it's good to see how more experienced runners view their runs. Good luck to your son!!

  3. I've gotten faster in the last few months too and like you, maintaining that speed is one of my biggest motivators to keep getting out there on a regular basis.

    Hey I wanted to thank you for your post on Crystal Cove a while back. I have a friend who just moved to the OC (from AZ), her husband is in Iraq and based out of Penalton. She likes to run, so I sent her the link to your post with pictures of Crystal Cove and she just loved it. She goes there all the time now! So thanks!