Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kick Butt Workout!

Yesterday was supposed to be Interval Tuesday. The plan was 4 X 800 with a 2 mile warm up and a 1 mile warm down. These days Track Season is in full swing at the local High School where I run, so it's futile to try to get out on the track before 4:30. I've known for a while that my running club (Cal Coast Track Club) meets at the track at 5:45 for Tuesday intervals. So, I thought since I need to run later, why not wait just a few more minutes and join the group? It had to be better than doing all those laps alone.

Well - I was right. It was nice to run with all the other folks there! Altogether there were probably 40 people there last night. Sure beats going round and round and round alone. I even left my iPod in the car.

Now for the bad news - the workout. What did I get myself into? Turns out most of the group was training for the Carlsbad 5K coming up in about a month, so this was the peak of their training cycle. I stepped into a 3X800, 1X1200 and 1X1600 workout. I made it through the first 3 800's fine. By the time I was into the 1200 I knew I was in trouble. And the 1600? Well, if I ever get into a discussion of what hell must be like.....

But - I finished the workout. Whew. Including my warm up and warm down a total of 5.7 miles. But, with intervals the real test is the amount of time spent above 90% of my maximum heart rate. When I added the time up, gulp, just under 14 minutes. Wow! No wonder I left there feeling like my butt had been kicked and drug through a field of cholla cactus. Quality workout I guess!

Today I have a 4 mile recovery run scheduled. And heaven knows I need it!


  1. Wow, what a great work out! :) Way to get after it yesterday Glenn!

  2. That's what Dante's 3rd ring of hell must look like: intervals.

  3. cholla! ouch!

    Good job on completing the workout! I might be joining a track club soon. Your making me nervous!

  4. Well done, Glenn! Those tough workouts always feel rewarding afterwards, don't they? Great job!

    I lived in AZ many years ago for a winter, an I remember those cholla cacti...ouch indeed! :)

  5. Oh how I miss track workouts. I'm glad they left you both whipped and winsome. Now go kick some more butt!

  6. great job on the intervals! the pain from speed hurts soo good!