Sunday, March 8, 2009

BBBRD! (Beautiful Back Bay Run Day!)....

Yup! Yesterday was a beautiful day for a run. Bright, beautiful blue sky. Light breezes. Temperatures in the low 60's.

As usual, I met with the Cal Coast club at 7AM. The plan for most on the marathon plan was a 16 miler (8 miles out and back) on the San Diego Creek trail. I usually tag along with them, and make my turnaround at the appropriate point (4.5 miles if I'm going 9, 6 miles if I'm going 12). But, it was such a beautiful day that as I got to Back Bay Drive, I waved good bye and hung a quick left down the hill to do a 12 miler around the bay.

I was quite happy keeping things slow and steady. Just before I got to the 2 mile point, I ran into Lori from the OC Trail Runners going the opposite direction! She was booking along with her marathon training group. We high fived as we ran past each other. I trudged along enjoying the sounds and sights. It was neat to see sooo many people out today. There were tons of runners, bikers, roller bladers and walkers out on the trails today. Must have had something to so with the absolutely perfect day to be out of the house.

I finally feel like I am getting back to pre-injury shape. By the numbers, today's run *was* easy - average heart rate of 77% of max. My pace is still lagging a little (today's pace was 10:55, versus 10:29 at the same heart rate in early December), but I felt good the entire duration. About the only negative today was my legs were tired and I ran with sore legs pretty much the whole way. I'm hoping that a couple more weeks of this will get me back to where I was late last year.

On tap today is a short, sweet 4 mile recovery run followed by some time in the gym!


  1. It WAS a beautiful day for a run yesterday. Today is a little cooler, it seems, but still gorgeous.

    It sounds like you are doing really well! Enjoy your 4 miler today and your gym workout. :)

  2. Wow! Good run - 12 miles, followed by 4 miles today... I've never managed that...a long run followed by a "recovery run." My body always wants to rest on the following day (like today for example),

  3. Wow, that does look and sound like a beautiful day, Glenn. Way to get out and enjoy it!

    Of course, as I type this, they are predicting that some areas of central MN could receive upwards of a FOOT of snow on Tuesday, so I am a tad bit jealous of your sunshine and low 60's! :)

  4. Glad the injury is almost nonexistant now. And thanks for the encouraging words -- and reality check -- on my recovery.

  5. ahh i'm jealous of your beautiful-weather-long-run! the weather is nice here too but i haven't quite been on top of my long runs... :( nice job on the 12, hope the usual recovery 4 went well too.