Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Officially a Runner

Yes folks. About 5 pm yesterday I officially became a runner:

That is my big toenail. It has been hanging on since the Long Beach Marathon. My feet now *look* like they run. Thank goodness men don't wear open toed shoes..

On the workout front I was back on the ergometer last night. I was going to row a 30 minute steady state piece. I rowed a 5 minute warmup and then 20 of the 30 minutes before my arms turned to jello. I threw in the towel at 5.25 kms. Is my upper body really that weak? Ummm. Yeah. Sad to think I used to do 60 minute pieces a couple years ago. Oh well. Now I have something to work toward.

Speaking of erg workouts, if this is something that you are considering on a regular basis, I'd like to suggest a couple of resources for information on workouts:

  • This web page on Concept2's website allows you to select a workout of the day. This is a good resource if you are looking to mix things up a little. A word of caution - you may end up with a pretty difficult workout. If you do, no problem, just click the "Workout of the Day" button again to get a different one
  • There are a ton of good articles and information about training in general on Concept2's website here.
  • If you're going to erg maybe three times a week (say you're injured or something), there are a couple of web pages on Concept2's United Kingdom website that lets you create your own training plan. For example, if you go here, you can create a training program (yes - they misspell it on their website) that is a sprint program -it would be like training for a 10K. Or, if you go here, you can create an 18 week weight loss program. Because this is the U.K., you'll need to convert your weight and weight loss goals to kilograms.
  • There's also a great training guide here, albeit it's a pdf and not truly online.

Finally, if you're just looking to substitute a rowing session here and there instead of running:

  • Intervals: Substitute a 500 meter row for every 400 on your schedule. Take a 2 minute active rest in between each interval
  • Short runs: Substitute 30 minute steady state at a moderate effort (heart rate or effort) for every 3 to 4 miles on your schedule
  • Long run: Just substitute the distance and pace. You will need to convert miles to kilometers, and pace to kms/hour

I hope these resources can provide some structure and guidance to make your rowing session a little more enjoyable. Yes. It's still an indoor machine. But, if the treadmills and ellipticals are crowded and the erg is sitting there all lonely, give it a try! And, if you are really hooked, make sure to visit Xeno Muller's website. You can purchase video podcasts that will turn any rowing workout into fun!

On tap tonight - an easy 4 miler. And no - I'm not sitting on that machine. I've got a big toe to break in.


  1. Um...ewwwww! I hope this doesn't happen to me.

  2. I believe a big Congrats is in order Glenn. Thanks for the rowing information.

  3. Welcome to the club, I'm on the fifth or six toenail loss now. Mine never fall off until there is something already underneath though. Lucky for me. :) It's not as bad as I thought it would be!

  4. Haha. Congrats on the toenail and thanks for the rowing tips! Have a great four- miler.

  5. As someone who is trying to get out of a rowing rut, I appreciate these kinds of posts.

  6. Nice toenail! Watch for (sorry!) fungus forming now.

    I did a rowing "class" today, sort of like spinning. It was surprisingly fun. I think I could get into it.

  7. Like I said on FB Glenn...welcome to the club! My last fallen toenail has finally grown (almost) all the way in, so it's time for a pedicure now :-)

    oh yeah, you may not be into that.

    OK...I rowed for 30 minutes today, a little more than 5000 meters (5300 I think) Is that good? I have no idea...

    Look at all of us who you're turning into rowers... More rowers in SoCal...I see your evil plan....

  8. Welcome fellow toe nail loser! We are very welcoming in this exclusive club. At least as a woman you can just paint where the nail used to be! I do.

    Thanks for the link to that site. I'll head over and check it out. I hate the rowing machine but may give it a try sometime. (We are always looking for new ways to torture ourselves aren't we?)

  9. Umm....eew. although I'd prob photograph mine too if I ever lost one (knock on wood that I don't!).

    In response to your ?s, I'm going to do 2 marathons next year, didn't you read my post?!?! :p jk. Green Bay and Vegas RnR. WHOO!
    And I think the fact that I look so "Rested" in those HM pics is that I didn't run NEARLY hard enough, also prob why I considered it so much didn't hurt = didn't push much at all. Ooopsies...hindsight, right?

    Have a great weekend!

  10. EEEEEW! My second toes on both feet have purple toenails...but have not lost any yet...and the purple covers up nicely with a good pedicure. :)

  11. My two big toenails have finally grown back after losing them last April. :) Toenails are over-rated, anyway.

  12. Thanks very much for these Glenn. The erg machines are so little used at my gym, of course I had no problem getting on it today. I was wondering what was the corresponding workout to do!