Monday, January 25, 2010

It Keeps Going and Going and Going

The miles never end. Week 10 is in the books. I wrapped up the week yesterday with a *slow* 9 miles around the Back Bay. After Saturday's little debacle, I was not planning on running the full nine, but once I got past the first two miles, everything that was hurting seemed to loosen up. And after such a wet and stormy week, the weather was fantastic - so I just kept on going and going and going. The final stats on the week: 48 miles - 38 on the trails, 10 on the rower. I failed to do any of my stretching and core work though, so I need to get this back on track this week.

I also took the Injinjis out on their first trial yesterday. My initial reaction is pretty positive. The best part is their wicking ability seems *very*good. I'll do a complete review after next weekend's long run.

Here are the real chimpanzee feet:

Speaking of next weekend, we're into Week 11. On the plan:

  • Monday: Erg 5K. Stretching and core work
  • Tuesday: 12 mile tempo. Supposed to be raining. Sigh.
  • Wednesday: Erg 10K.
  • Thursday: 6 mile general aerobic run. Stretching and core.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 16 mile long run.
  • Sunday: 6 mile GA.

Total: 40 miles running, 9.3 miles rowing.

The miles seem to keep going and going and going....


  1. Great Job on wrapping up week 10 Glenn. Best wishes on week 11. Hopefully the rain wont give you much problems. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Glenn,
    I love the feet! You just keep going and going and going...just like the energizer bunny:) Good job and keep those legs moving:)

  3. Sweeeeet socks!

    That's nice that the weather is getting a little better. Love it when everything feels good and you can just keep going.

  4. Very nice work on the run and mileage for the week. Glad the rain clouds cleared up and your back to sunny runs :).

  5. It looks like the weekend cleared up in time for some decent runs! *High Five* getting week 10 done! I still love those socks!

  6. You are totally the Energizer Bunny. Except not all pink and furry. ;)

    BTW, I LOVE my inj-injin- ugh, toe socks. (Can't spell em but they are good stuff!)

  7. Congratulations on the end of Week 10. I hope Week 11 goes more smoothly and that you enjoy the training.

    Nice socks!

  8. Yes, the miles are always there aren't they? "The miles are long but the runs are short" I like to say. Paraphrasing someone I think.

  9. Yes, Glenn, those do look like chimp feet! By the way, don't skip out on the stretching and core work, please!!

  10. I like the toe socks...they are certainly hiding any sign of the chimp feet!

    Hey, I will be at Surf City, but I think you'll be long gone by the time I get there (you're doing the marathon, right?). I promise to mostly walk it, with occasional run breaks :-)

  11. Nice feet Glenn. Brian got me some pink socks like those for Christmas. I have yet to use them...

  12. Cool socks! I have seen those but have never tried them. I look forward to your review.

    Keep up the fantastic work, Glenn. You are doing awesome!

  13. i think those socks come in a rainbow-look too.

    c'mon, don't leave out the non-running/cardio work! get on those abs and stretching this week!!