Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've Done Been Tagged

Meg over at Meg runs! tagged me the other day. "Are you guys up to the challenge? What makes you happy?" Easy right? Yes. But limiting the list to 10 things was not! So here goes (I feel like Dave Letterman):

  1. Family. Love being together in a room. We don't even need to be talking. Just sitting together does it for me.
  2. My wife. Twenty three years of marriage and 9 years of dating must mean something.
  3. Watching my own kids grow into young adults. Very happy and satisfying.
  4. Mountains. Something about being in the mountains away from people and civilization just makes me so peaceful and content.
  5. Mental stimulation. Anything that makes me think.
  6. A good pun. Especially if I don't get it for a couple of hours. If you see me break out in a smile for no apparent reason you now know why.
  7. Helping kids. Been a youth sports coach, cub master, assistant scout master. I love the looks on their faces when they do something that they didn't think they could.
  8. Related to #7 - doing something I didn't think I could.
  9. A good cup of coffee. Especially up in the mountains. Hot and dark. None of that cream and sweetener stuff.
  10. A nut flush. Always good for a lot of chips. Usually good for a win.

There you go. Anyone else up to the challenge?


  1. I think that thinking about that post will make me feel more grateful for what I've got, so I hope to write up a similar good list this week.

    Yep, 32 years together - you must have something good going there with your wife! :-)

  2. hee hee... a nut flush made me laugh. Poker player, eh? Where do you play? Did you know that I spent 18 years working in the casino industry?

    I love your other things too. I hope that my husband and I still make each other happy after 23 years of marriage. We're on year 8 and going strong.

    Although I am in no rush, I can see where seeing your children become cool adults would be a neat experience. I look at my 3 year old and can't imagine her a young woman.

  3. WOW glenn 9 years of dating your wife! Thats ALOT! I know i am way behind you and its hard for me to imagine getting married and having kids and all that stuff! It is definitely something to look forward to!

  4. great list glenn. it's always nice to hear the first 2 'things' from anyone as it seems people/relationships are often falling apart these days. i laughed at #6. i'm sure i look special when i laugh at (seemingly) nothing. :)

  5. Beautiful Glenn! I loved your #1 and I feel exactly the same way! But we totally differ on the coffee thing Mister! If I ever climb a mountain with you someday pack the vanilla creamer and three sugars please! ; - )