Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Row row row...

...your rowing machine. I was back on the ergometer last night. The workout that was chosen for me by the Concept2 website was a 5 minute warm up followed by 3 ten minute steady state rows with a two minute rest between. Total damage was 7.5 kms of fairly easy rowing. My heart rate averaged 68% of MHR. Funny how much more I sweat on the erg even at that low heart rate!

The rain is supposed to be back tonight, even though it is crystal clear right now (6:30 AM). Unlike last week, it's supposed to be pretty light, so I'll get my 12 mile tempo run in regardless the weather. The only issue is where to run.


  1. Nice work on the rowing!! Hope the tempo goes well, those are always my worst runs.

  2. Hi Glenn,
    I thought you were going to type the whole song..row row row your boat gently down the stream:) OMG now I have that song stuck in my head!! Good job on the rowing!

  3. Yeah ok so when I run, I dont really sweat a ton. I mean I sweat but its in check, under control. I go to the gym and do the stair climber and the sweat is just pouring off me! Its like I just came in from the pouring rain! Its crazy! Hope you have a good run tonight!

  4. Now I have "Row, row, row your boat" stuck in my head, too. Way to go on the workout.

    Yeah, it was nice in the AM, but the clouds HAVE rolled in... They say it's not going to be so bad this time.

  5. No rain yet, yipee! I hope you got your run in early!!