Friday, January 8, 2010

So I Lied...

About running yesterday. Once gain, all the intentions were there, but I got sidetracked. Now you might think that a late night at the office or illness or injury sidelined me. Nope. No such luck. So what happened you ask? It was a mental health rejuvenation day!

If you have never been in Northern San Diego County (North County as the locals call it), I would highly recommend it. It's country with gentle winding two lane roads through some spectacular scenery. There are a number of Indian Casinos in North County and I did the mini tour of four of them. For those who know the area, I started at Pechanga in Temecula (yeah okay - that's Riverside County), drove on Pechanga-Pala Road (not the freeway) to Harrah's Rincon, backtracked to Pala Casino, and then drove the 76 to Oceanside. About a hundred miles total. The weather was outstanding. The scenery was outstanding. Drove it with the top down and the stereo blaring! It was just what the doctor ordered.

Today it's back to the ungrind. It's petty amazing what just one day of relaxation can do. All you runners having trouble getting motivated - are you listening?

I'm back on the trail tonight for an easy four miler. Tomorrow will be the first of three 20 milers in preparation for the L.A. Marathon. Yikes!


  1. Yeah, I agree with the area you drove thru. Good luck with the 20 milers!

  2. Sounds like a good break! Good luck with your long run!

  3. Those days of rest are great. Sort of like taking a vacation day from work.

    Good luck on your 20 miler tomorrow!

  4. Wow, 20 miles already! Load up on fuel and have fun. What course are you running?
    Glenn, that's so neat that you were in our neck of the woods. My brother lives in-land and loves it near the casinos. It's pretty right now but pretty WARM in the summer!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Drove with the top down? Cool.

  6. Hey, I would have waved to you if I had known you were in the area! Can you believe this weather?!

    Have a GREAT 20-miler!

  7. I hear ya Glenn. Loud and clear like your stereo blaring. Even a couple of days wont hurt, unless you are training. Great Post man. Keep em coming.

  8. I love driving through that part of the county. Thanks for giving me another item for this month's to-do list.