Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 10

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm in week 10 of this training cycle. This will be my first 50 mile week this time around:

Monday: Erg 5K. Stretching and core.
Tuesday: 9 mile general aerobic.
Wednesday: Erg 5K. Stretching and core
Thursday: Hills! 2 mile warm up, 6 hill repeats, 1 mile warm down
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 20 miles
Sunday: 9 miles marathon pace
Total plan: 50 miles

I was up on the erg last night. Did a 5 minute warm up followed by three sets of 10 minute progressions. A 10 minute progression on a rowing machine takes the shape of rowing faster for a decreasing number of minutes. The first progression was 4 minutes at 16 strokes per minute, followed by 3 minutes at 18 spm, followed by 2 ' at 20 spm, followed by 1' at 22 spm. I followed with a 2 minute rest, then took off on the second progression at 4'/3'/2'/1' at 18/20/22/24 spm. Then another 2 minute rest followed by the final 4'/3'/2'/1' at 16/18/20/22 spm. Tack on a 5 minute warm down for a total of 8.65 kms.

I'm glad my workout was indoors. We finally got a bona fide storm. Notice how the tree that was next to the palms is missing the second time I panned right:

On the schedule today - 9 general aerobic miles. I've got the old shoes and a couple of layers packed. Hopefully it won't be raining too hard.....


  1. Wow! I can't believe how much it's storming in your video! That poor tree. I bet your garage was feeling very comfortable yesterday.

  2. I was thinking about your training and the storm-- it was all over the news!!! Great video!

  3. Wow, that is some crazy rain! Looked like it was absolutely pouring.

    Continued success with your training schedule, and I hope the weather cooperates for you!

  4. That is some heavy rain. And you got out in it?

  5. I hope you missed the rain while running today! I got 4 miles in between the afternoon downpour and sunset. It was windy, fresh and beautiful! Stay dry tomorrow!

  6. why weren't you out running in that? :)

    looks like you have a beautiful home! all based off the small portion of back patio/yard shown here ... haha.