Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sneaked Nine Miles In

I got out between storms yesterday morning for the nine miles I couldn't get in on Tuesday. I headed to Crystal Cove, where damage from yesterday's rain was still evident:

I slowed down in several places where mud and water flow left debris across the trail. There was also a stiff wind blowing, nowhere near Tuesday's velocity, but it made the first half of my run a little tougher. Final stats: nine miles in a 10:08 pace, 76% of MHR. Kind of a "meh" run.

It's raining again this morning, and is supposed to continue throughout the day. I'm supposed to be doing hills tonight, but the trails around the hill will be closed. If I'm able to, I do my hill work. Otherwise I'll be be in my rowing studio to whip out 5 or so kilometers on the erg, which means hills on Friday, and moving my 20 miler from Saturday to Sunday. Man - this is getting pretty complicated!

On another front, I made some decisions yesterday on upcoming races. First, I am now official - L.A. Marathon on March 21st is no longer tentative. I took the plunge and registered. I've also registered for the Firecracker 10K on February 28th. I did this race last year, and even though it was rough around the edges, I'm back. I'm looking forward to the opening ceremonies, the post race expo, and a dim sum tweetup. The seven hundred foot, two mile long hill not so much.
Finally, somehow I was talked into (well, it really didn't take that much to convince me) a marathon relay! With the takeover of the Rock n' Roll series by the Competitor Group, a number of changes are taking place with the San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon. Or I should say "San Diego Rock n' Roll" - because this year there will also be a half marathon and a relay. So I pressed the submit button and am now part of a relay team with fellow bloggers/tweeters Ms. V (@MsV1959), JT (@anotorias) and @Hoof_Harted. Damn these rainy days - keeping me all bored and stuff. Well, I guess it's time to get training!


  1. You're right - "Just do it!" Looks like that's the philosophy you are taking as well. ;)

  2. I hope many good things come from the change of ownership for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. You'll love being part of a relay, especially if you get one of the later legs. You fly by all the marathoners!

  3. YAY LA marathon! Glad you committed! And running a relay! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I want to be able to do 9 miles like it "ain't no thing"! I did 7.5 on Tuesday and improved my time from my last try....but, it certainly did not yet feel like it "ain't no thing" the next day. :) I'll get there...darn it!

    Great news on all the races you have registered for! I'd love to come down and do something after tax season...visit my a race ( could I deduct the trip as a biz you have any bookkeeping or research I can do for you when I am down there...LOL).

    I tried my best to answer your question over on my the comments...was long winded ( issue for me today.....darn that Blarney stone..)

    I am still just SHOCKED by those pics you posted. MUST call Dad today.

  5. I saw pics of lots of mud on tv from your neck of the woods. Yikes! Be careful! I ran San Diego RnR marathon and it was the worst experience of my entire life. Not kidding (I even blogged about it today)....but don't use that as any indication yours will be :). Relays ROCK!

  6. The relay sounds fun! There's something so exciting and motivating about doing a relay.

    The Firecracker 10K looks so hard! Mmm...dim sum.

  7. Nice! See you both at LA + SD! That's a fun relay team you'll be running with. I'll keep an eye out for you guys.

  8. Hi Glenn,
    How exciting to be registered for the LA marathon!! How many people usually run in that one? I think running in a relay could be pretty fun...very cool....especially if you really enjoy the people on your team:)

    Have a great day Glenn:)

  9. A marathon relay sounds like so much fun :)
    And I didn't know San Diego was doing a half this year. So tempting!

    Boo to the rain, but at least it's not a foot of snow, right? When it gets stormy just think to yourself, "At least I'm not some tonto that moved to Maryland..."

  10. Sounds like you have some fun plans! I loved running the RnR marathon in San Diego with some of the relay runners, it spiced up the long run!

  11. Lucky you that you got out there without getting dumped on! How did you manage that? You must have timed it just right.

    Congratulations on registering for your races! I bet the relay will be tons of fun. I considered doing that until I found out about the half.

    Great job on the nine miles!

  12. Cool races. That two-mile hill sounds BRUTAL!

    Sounds like you are getting a taste of the Northwest down there.

    PS: Puyallup -- PUEE-ALL-UP

  13. The weather is just off the hook thee last days! It's been treadmill 2 for 2 so far!

  14. Way to go on your training. Good luck today with your hills, and your 20 miler. I wish you success. Got some races scheduled. I think its about time for me to think about the same. Look forward to hearing more about them when that happens. Keep ti up.