Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Somewhere There's a 10K PR...

... trying to get out. I hit the Lower Back Bay for a 9 mile tempo run last night. One mile warm up, seven miles at "10K Pace" (more on that later AZ), and a one mile warm down for a total of 9 miles. My average pace during the seven middle miles was 8:50, at an average heart rate of 81% of max. Hmmm. The purpose of this workout is to stimulate lactate threshold, but I'm not running in the LT zone (> 85% MHR). I'll need to push a little harder.

About that "10K Pace". I have been using some confusing terminology. Early on, I read somewhere that a "Tempo Run" was a run that was about an hour long run at a pace that approximated your 10K race pace. The rationale was that a properly run 10K was right at lactate threshold. So, what's this running farther than 10K at a "10K Pace"? After some plodding around on the Internet last night, think I found good definition from a reputable source: "Your Perfect Tempo". This article points out the real definition of a tempo run is a run done at a "comfortably hard" pace - one that is sustainable but where slowing down would be nice. That pretty much described last night's run! If you want to learn more about the almighty tempo run, read the article. It does a good job of describing why the tempo is such an effective training tool.

Finally, about that title - my 10K PR is 55:00. That breaks down to an 8:50 pace. Over 10K. Notice the average pace over the middle seven last night. I think it's time to look for a 10K around here. Preferably a flat one.....


  1. Wow! Great pace on the tempo run last night!

    Thanks for the link. I'm going to check that article out right now.

  2. Well done on the tempo run and the pace you sustained. I am introducing tempo runs as a regularly weekly session in my schedule as I am a novice. From what I have read a tempo run is the most important session you can do in your training if you are aiming for a half or full marathon.

    regards Paul

  3. Makes sense now, it is your current 10k PB pace but you are running better now so you'll be able to have a faster 10k when you run one again.

    Funny thing, Glenn, my mom is Japanese too and my family lived in Tokyo from 2005-2008. The kanji in my title is for "run" or "running" so it basically says "Run AZ run!"

  4. yeah i love flat races! I am sure you can PR!!

    When we were in California we played at Vanguard University and then one the other days we had we just hung at the beach and went to Disney Land.

  5. i never thought about the whole 10k/tempo pace and when tempo runs are longer than a 10k... valid point though. i like your definition of 'tempo', and congrats on a solid tempo run!

  6. An couple excellent books I highly recommend are: Jack Daniels' Running Formula and Brain Training for Runners. Just if you are into that stuff and want to learn more about where your paces should be for each run. I use them for all my clients and for myself!

    I think I smell a 10K PR for certain! Spring is coming up .... lots of those on the docket!

  7. Great job, Glenn! I am willing to bet that you WILL PR!

    Thanks for letting me know about the Surf City registration pick-up. I checked it out and you're right... I have to pick it up on Friday or Saturday. I'm glad you told me about that!!

  8. ya I think you need to find a 10k STAT!