Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three Miles of Blech

I need to go back and read some of my old blogs to figure out what has changed. Yesterday's 20 miler was another painful slog. A lot more painful than it should have been. Ever since my second 20 miler on my Long Beach Marathon training cycle, these long runs have taken a toll on me.

With the flood channels still flowing, and copious amounts of mud still around, I decided to attack my 20 miler down on the beach. I started in Newport Beach, and ran down to the mouth of Newport Harbor. No rain today! What a difference a couple days make:

I backtracked to the car for seven miles, and then continued into Huntington Beach. The damage from the storm was evident. Here's the path from three weeks ago:

Here's the path today:

They are obviously going to need to do some cleanup before this:

I need to correct my blog post from last Tuesday too. I mentioned that the photo showing the waterspout was of the Balboa Pier. My son corrected me a couple days ago, and explained to me that it was the Huntington Beach Pier, based on the unique design of the lifeguard towers out on the pier. He is correct. I checked, and there were no waterspouts today:

I had been fueling every five miles, so at mile 15 I pulled up for my last two Endurolytes and a Hammer Gel (tropical - yum!). I had been keeping things intentionally slow and easy, and was managing somewhere around a 10:55 pace up to that point. But the fun was about to begin. As I hit mile 15 or so, I started feeling really really fatigued. Especially my calves. By mile 16 fatigue had turned to pain, which shortly thereafter turned to cramping. I ended up shuffling the last three or four miles back to my car.

The bottom line is I had a formula that worked once. I need to get back to that formula.


  1. Stuff like that happens to me to and I never really know why. How I've eaten in the days leading up to the long run? Sometimes runs just go bad I guess.

    Hope your next 20 goes better.

  2. Hi Glenn,
    I absolutely love your pictures! You are so lucky to be able to run on the shore beautiful. I know it sucks when you know what your body can do and handle and then to have it not work as you think it should. I went through that at the end of October. Hang in will get better:) Stay positive!!

  3. Climate? I am going to start logging the humidity and barometric presure, along with temps, wind, sun and rain (yeah even in the desert I got to run in the rain/sleet stuff a few days ago). At least for me, since I am a desert rat runner (which is what I am going to change my Blog title too).

    Anyway, daily logs on fuel/diet, sleep/rest, hydration/fuel while running and know even more details on weather conditions might put a clearer focus on good runs and bad runs analysis.

  4. Oh Glenn, I'm so sorry about that experience for you! Did you eat enough this week of the good stuff? Do you need more Endurolytes maybe? Do you eat a lot of bananas? I used to get the cramping right around that time and then I started forcing myself to eat a banana every day whether or not I liked it, for the potassium. It helped.

    And the pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  5. I wish I had the secret. As you know, my 19 miler was pretty tough. Luckily, you still have time to figure it out (you're training for LA, right?

    Today I fueled every 4 miles or so and it seemed to help. Do you think that might help you?

    Good luck finding the key. When you find it, please share.

  6. Your pictures are great. I wish I could carry a camera with me when I run, but it bugs me too much. I cramped in the last mile of my 18 miler this week. I need to work out a formula for fueling. I've never had one, so I'm all ears once you rediscover yours.

  7. I wish it could be as easy as go back to running for the 'enjoyment' of it, and throw pace/time, etc out the window.

    Since you're in training, I just hope it's temporary. I think most runners suffer a funk every now and again. Chin up and keep chugging forward Glenn.

    Oh, and see you soon at TP!

  8. Shuffling is SO not fun! Why suffer through so many long runs? Just do what you can until your marathon and then suffer and shuffle just that one day. No? ;)

  9. I am sure you will figure out what you were doing before. personally I know that I cant eat ice cream the night before a run or race. It just makes me feel like crap! Just keep thinking positive! We are all rooting for you!!

  10. Looks like we both had fun along the shore yesterday. I'm back to truly appreciating this place.

  11. I hope you can figure out what's different. Are you eating the same amounts/types of food during the week?

    You posted some gorgeous pictures. The weather looks beautiful after those massive storms.

  12. i hope you can figure it out! for me though, sometimes a long run is good and sometimes it's just ...not. hopefully there's a piece of the puzzle that was missing and once you 'replace' it things will click naturally again.

  13. I hope you get your LR magic figured out. Doesn't sound like a fun way to spend miles 15-20. :(